Thursday, October 3, 2013

Today's Senate prayer: "Have mercy upon us, oh God, and save us from the madness."

Welcome back, Mr. President. The guy who ran for President in 2008 has shown up and called out John Boehner. Something I've been doing for years. While Tea Particles continue to insure that people without insurance, don't get insured, Boehner continues to back them. 
Some woman tried to breach Capitol security with her Lexus and kid inside, went on a wild chase and ended up getting shot and killed. Hope it was worth it.
I am not sure how much crazier it can get. But I am sure it will get crazier.
The Treasury says a U.S default could be catastrophic, but not as catastrophic as Boehner losing his Speakership.  His whole "Legacy is on the line".
I am sure something good can be said for this guy. But I won't be the one saying it.
However, someone's been saying that Congress members "reeked of alcohol", after shutting down the government. Party on, Tea Particles!
This madness should be found in a Shakespeare play. Unfortunately it is right here in the good old USA, home of the uncivilized. While almost every civilized country considers healthcare a basic human right, our first step to getting a public option is a no-go for Republicans.  
This is what they are fighting about? Really?  (Because your corporate lobby overlords told you to.)
So shut the mother down Tea Toadies. Go for it, you're all Gerrymandered in your ivory seats in Congress. 
Mr. Speaker has a problem on his hands however, how to save his own hide.
Enjoy your Merlot, while ordinary Americans can barely afford Coors Light.
Let alone health insurance. You tell those job creators how great the economy is.
 Why else would you risk another economic catastrophe?
Unless of course that's exactly what those Teatards want.
Who's going to save them from themselves?


  1. As a famous Alice once said, curiouser and curiouser ...

  2. Let's hope they have outFOXed themselves with this shenanigan.