Sunday, November 17, 2013

T.P.....P Trans-Pacific Partnership?

I don't know what the initials T.P. means to you, but I know in my house it means toilet paper. It looks like TPP, Trans PacificPartnership Agreement is probably something ass wipe worthy. While all the craziness and confusion of the ACA and how the website is shite and no one is signing up, (read people can't afford it) the secret negotiations of the TPP has been going on behind our backs with the usual government distractions to keep us in the dark. Thanks to Wikileaks, they have brought the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement negotiations to light and it ain't pretty.
Really, what we have here, in typical U.$. fashion, is an agreement in favor of, you guessed it, CORPORATIONS. There will be new copyright terms which will effect public domain. There is also some kind of copyright liability for ISP's (Internet Service Providers) filtering and blocking access judged to be infringing on copyright laws. Patents are also primo in this agreement, especially when it's in a corporations favor. It's called "Evergreening" and it would stop denying patents to corporations in what I can sort of interpret as whatever product is invented "does not have enhanced efficacy of said product" Say what? 
According to Truthout's article Chile's lead negotiator in this farce has dropped out. Peru is asking for a "public, political and technical debate" I can only think that the reason that there hasn't been a public debate is that there is something shady going on and less freedom will be the result especially when it comes to the internet.
Unbelievably China is not a part of this "partnership agreement" and other countries giving pushback are New Zealand. and Japan.
I can only imagine what this 'trade agreement" will mean for U$ (and I don't men average citizens) According to the House Ways and Means committee, " If the Administration continues to delay its engagement on this politically and economically important issue, it will undermine support for TPP and could delay our ability to conclude TPP."  I can  hardly believe anything will pass the in the House, but money talks and who knows what lobby's are really writing regarding the TPP? It would be nice of there was some kind of public debate going on, but then angain people who actually remember NAFTA might not be so inclined to agree with the TPP goals, which do not seem to be in support of average citizens anywhere. What place does a secret treaty have in a free and democratic society?  Why is it that we have to find out what is going on through Wikileaks? Why is the American press not doing it's job?  Maybe because it is owned by commercial interests and big business?
I expect this "Agreement" to be passed with very little fanfare or debate, while our privacy and access to information is sold to whatever international corporation the U$ sells out to.

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  1. Globalism is beginning to resemble the national security state. Maybe the black helicoper worrywarts weren't so paranoid after all.