Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Triumph Of Evil

Thank God the politicians are on vacation for the holidays. Vacation from what? Maybe we'd be better off
paying them to stay home. We practically do!
I guess we should all be grateful that the government is open, mission accomplished on that one. Exactly what did our representatives accomplish this year?
Well back in the summer, there was the student loan crises. Which, yay Congress! They actually passed a bill H.R. 1911. Supposedly, " the rates will stay below 6.8 percent for the next five years, but because they are pegged to 10-year Treasury notes, they fluctuate with the market."
Because, even student loans have to be tied to the almighty market.
One really impressive measure was that Congress and the senate could agree to ban plastic guns or guns made out of any other materials that could not show up on metal detectors. Yeah....after the slaughter at Newtown, this is the best they could do.
Turns out it's no joke telling stories about when you were in "'Nam" when you really weren't. Congress passed The Stolen Valor Act. Nice to know there is something we can all agree on, that its wrong to impersonate a person who served their country. So far that's three things, not counting keeping the government open.
Can you believe it? There was actually a poll taken to see if people thought this was the worst Congress ever. 73%  said it was! Thanks CNN for making that clear.
On December 18 the President signed a budget deal, the first since 2009, what a coincidence since that's when he was sworn into office.
We still have unpassed immigration legislation. No farm bill.  They only have 8 more days to do more of nothing. Congress gets a lot of time off from their hectic schedule, 239 days to be precise. In 2014, they will get even more time to do nothing, since they're exhausted from all that inaction, 252 days off.
It's a good thing that Congress removed the crutch of extending unemployment benefits to people who also have a lot of time off, although it's not of their choosing. Wall Street may be booming but Main Street has flat lined.
During the rest of the holiday, I wish Congress more of the same. Just do nothing, loaf, relax. It's been a tough year of.. nothing much.
With even more days off in 2014, I look forward to more wasted time and wasted opportunities from Congress that gets paid too much to do so little.
Maybe Burke was right, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing." However, I'm not convinced any of these Congress Critters are good.


  1. I wish so many of them would just not run again, then they'd get all the time off they want.

  2. Dontcha get it? We all work so Congress won't have to.

    Very crankily yours,
    The New York Crank