Thursday, January 9, 2014


Let's see if " Fall Out Boy", Governor Christie is stronger than this storm, he says he didn't know about it and he didn't do it..and yada, yada, yada...
Most of you probably know I live in New Jersey, I live in Ocean County, in one of the most devastated area's hit by Hurricane Super Freak Storm Sandy. Governor Christie did not make it to my town to inquire about damage until a year later. A. Year. Later. If you've read any of my other posts about Christie then you may know he spent millions of Sandy funds on advertising starring Christie and his family. He also made a special election for the senate race, most of us assumed, so he wouldn't have to come up against Cory Booker votin' Democrats during his re-election campaign.
You might also remember that I said Christie was groomed by Karl Rove and I am also sure that there has been a conversation between them about Christie apologizing for "an underling" closing lanes of traffic to the busiest bridge EVER just to bust a mayors chops who didn't endorse him. Unfortunately lots of people were inconvenienced and a 91 year old lady died. Who Knew?
The traffic jam went on for 4 days and I guess someone finally said ok, they've had enough and stopped the "traffic study." He's embarrassed and humiliated and oh, so sorry and also, NOT A BULLY! Right......
I don't believe it, no one believes it. We have been conditioned to believe that lies are the only things that come out of a politicians mouth, who can believe their lame apologies? Why bother?
People are saying this is the end of Christie's career. There will be subpoena's, there will be hearings and testimony and more lies..but Christie's career won't be over and he'll be able to go to Seaside Heights again, he'll probably give an amazing rousing speech for the RNC. He'll go to sleep in the Governors mansion tonight saying, "Whew! that was close."
There are people who won't be able to sleep tonight, in the homes they are struggling to rebuild or may never go back to. I don't know if some of those millions Christie used for pre-election campaign "Stronger Than The Storm" commercials could have stopped some of the suffering where I live, but it sure would have helped.
                      Is this how a Governor representing his state should act, towards a citizen of his own state? Who, in this video, told Christie "just stickin up for the teachers" which Christie has no love for.
                        Unfortunately, I guess Christie is still a "real big shot" and will continue to be.


  1. But but but but OBAMA!!!

    Patricia, you are correct that Christie is still a big shot and will continue, he's the picked man of the Koch Brothers and Plutocrats, plus the wing nuts will defend him because IOKIYAR rules above all else. Dana Loesch (of the drop trou and desecrate bodies fame) and other ultra-reactionary conservatives are out full force and in their circles this isn't a minus but a BIG PLUS. It's how right-wingers want to punish liberals and other Americans for not bowing down to them.

  2. I'll say one thing, this scandal has led to a whole passel of amazing photoshops.