Sunday, January 12, 2014

Time To Fix The Unemployment Problem In Fort Lee And The Rest Of New Jersey

There's so much going on here in New Jersey. People are looking at Chris Christie in a whole new way, not that it will change anything. Before the traffic study bridge scandal, the only people who ever complained about Governor Christie were the people who got hit by Superstorm Sandy and never recovered.
There are a lot of people who haven't recovered and it's not only from a hurricane. Its from the recession-depression. Try looking for a job in New Jersey...good news, Walmart's hiring.
 Wierdly enough, this didn't seem to be much of an issue during Christie's tenure as Governor or his re-election.
They just don't seem to be an issue anywhere. It's so under the radar, no one talks about the lack of opportunity and all you hear out of Washington D.C. is cut, cut, cut and too many "entitlements" because, you know, no one wants to work and we all want "free stuff."
Then there's the property tax issue." "home rule" to excuse the mind-numbing inefficiency of jamming 566 municipalities, 591 school districts and hundreds of independent authorities into a state some 166 miles long and 65 miles wide."
I have direct experience with one of the biggest employers in New Jersey. Public schools. I am honored to say I have worked with many fine teachers. Unfortunately, I don't know any that have been hired after the recession-depression that aren't related to school board members or have some relative, husband or wife, you name it, working in the school system. It's not only schools either. The job market has dried up so much that if you don't know someone, you just can't get a decent job for anything above minimum wage.
Government is a prime example of the cronyism, nepotism policy that is the new normal. Let's look at Governor Christie for examples:
"They include family, brother, Todd; friends Bill Palatucci, State Sen. Joseph Kyrillos (R., Monmouth), and former First Assistant U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Chiesa; and advisers such as Lt. Gov.-elect Kim Guadagno, former state Attorney General David Samson, political consultant Mike Duhaime, and former Gov. Thomas H. Kean. None is from South Jersey." (That's where I live.)
Oh and it gets better, " Mary Pat Christie, who works part-time as a bond trader," Wall Street, God, why didn't I guess? Wonder who she's related to there?
While we endure the fallout from a Governor with rage issues, we will continue to live with the consequences of leaders who live in a bubble with friends and relatives catering to their every whim. Business' hiring their relatives and friends leaving behind better qualified, more creative people who ultimately will have to apply for unemployment benefits if they can't "network" themselves into a high powered job, that can afford some of the highest taxes in the country.
 Brain drain is a reality here in New Jersey, when the better qualified candidates for what few jobs remain are left by the wayside, then somebody's brother or uncle, who is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, is hired to do work he is not educated or qualified for and we wonder why no one is capable of doing their job?
It is nothing new to have your friends and relatives working at your business. The real problem is the lack of opportunity in this state. The cost of living is outrageous and there is no leadership when it comes to unemployment. Businesses and people are leaving Jersey in droves.
But hey, here's what's important, "Time for traffic problems in Fort Lee."
Read about the jobs report for last month here: The terrible December jobs report | Data Dive


  1. They may be leaving New Jersey in droves, but they sure ain't coming to Cleveland. We have our own jobs problem.

  2. I think it's the whole country Kirk. Most people from Jersey move to South Carolina or Virginia. States that have big government or defense contracts. Who knows what will happen with the sequester?

  3. That trans-Hudson tunnel he nuked would have been a great job creator. He's been messing with the Port Authority long before Bridgeghazi.

    1. Seriously! What a shortsighted moron. Not only that, but if memory serves wasn't there already money earmarked for that project? Oh yeah, "Christie for diverting funds meant for the ARC tunnel into the state’s Transportation Trust Fund, which mostly covers road maintenance."
      Not only that but the tunnel "Christie sacrificed the largest public-works project in America to burnish his conservative credentials."
      Looks like your right again Bad, too bad the people of New Jersey are the last thing on Christie Creme's mind.