Sunday, January 19, 2014

United States Of Scandal

Is there any surprise that the family of executed Ohio inmate, Dennis McGuire will sue the state for their fathers cruel and unusual death. They'll probably win too. Do we even need to ask why? Because it was stupid?
An untried combination of drugs + "get er done" idiocy = a bad result.
Just as a reminder, notorious inmate Ariel Castro, was able to kill himself  in Ohio State Corrections custody, with a lot less fanfare than the McGuires murder, death.
Interestingly enough, Ohio Governor John Kasich, Gov. John Kasich stands by Chris Christie, announces new jobs in Dayton area: Ohio Politics Roundup |
Well if this guy is standing behind Christie, you have to wonder what he's covering up? That'll be another blog.

Here, in New Jersey another mayor, this one in Hoboken came out of the Christie scandal closet saying she had been told Sandy money would be withheld from her town too by Christie's staff.. So far that's three and who knows how many more? Back in 2009, this little nugget came out in the NYT, Christie Has Distant Family Link to a New Jersey Mob Figure -
"Mr. Christie says his relationship to Mr. Fiumara never came up in his F.B.I. background check after his appointment as United States attorney,'
"Mr. Christie says that as United States attorney he was always tough on organized crime, though it did not rank as high among his priorities as public corruption."
Both of these instances seem surreal. Connections to a notorious mafia gangster, no problem, also, public corruption is a high priority. It's probably more like public corruption is a high priority so Christie can do what he wants.
You know, these two unrelated incidents look like a lot of willful ignorance, Ohio decides to put someone to death, not sure about whether the chemicals they've chosen will even work. A bad actor killed in a mismanaged way and now lawsuits will result, who knows if there will be a lesson learned here?
After a series of bad decisions either Christie or his staff decide to cause traffic jams for ordinary people, hold back relief money for ordinary people, but he's a Jersey grade politician and now he's been told that it's not him it's his "team" that's the problem, because he's surrounded himself, not with the best and the brightest, but with what I've written about before, cronies and relatives. If only he get's a better "team" then, magically he'll be madeover into something other than a selfish, vindictive, bully.
Who knows how many lawsuits are going to come out of the Bridgegate scandal. Then there's the misuse of the Sandy money. It looks to me that a lot of lawyers will be busy.
As if all this isn't enough, President Obama has come out and said he's banning spying on other leaders. But he's still going to be spying on us. Looks like Germany's skeptical of this and who can blame them? President Obama has had to dig himself out of a lot of inherited abuses of power and an economic meltdown.
 But hey! Banks are doing great! Analysis: U.S. bankers voice new optimism as businesses line up for loans | Reuters
Meanwhile, not one banker has gone to jail for any of the suffering they've caused for millions of Americans. As long as we can cut off their unemployment, because there's no unemployment problem
 Then there's the unfortunate (at best) debut of the cluster*$%# (read gift to healthcare companies)
You have to wonder why you would trust any leader?
Mismanagement, bad teams, willful blindness, it's dizzying the abuse of power and corruption at every level.
 Every where you look or read there's another scandal, it's getting to the point where everyone just EXPECTS it..


  1. Banana Republic...without the bananas.

  2. No wonder readership is down for the National Enquirer. As a scandal sheet, how can it ever compete with Time magazine?

  3. Kirk,
    How dare you compare Time Magazine to the likes of the crap that assaults my eyes at the grocery checkout. I assume you believe that FOX News is a creibile and non-biased source of information?


    1. Sarge, it's a joke. By Time, I mean the mainstream media. By the mainstream media, I mean media that reports on national events, rather than the celebrity shenanegens you find in the National Enquirer. Patricia's post is about all the scandals going on. The scandals get reported by the mainstream media, e.g. Time magazine. So Time is like the National Enquirer. Get it? But not really, because Time is not trying to be like the National Enquirer. They're just giving facts, just the facts, which lately have been scandals. It's a joke, but not a very good one since I have to explain it. Sorry to have offended you so much. I really wasn't trying, and if it makes you feel better, I never watch Fox News. I do watch the Fox network, but how else am I going to see The Simpsons?

      I'll save my Readers Digest vs Weekly World News gag for some other time.

    2. It's totally a joke Sarge, go and read Kirks blog. He's a talented writer and very informed...BTW, I've been worried about you Sarge, don't be a stranger.

  4. Sarge,
    I think you missed Kirk's point. All Times has to do is report current news and events and it surpasses the wildest "scandals" that the National Enquirer can dream up.

  5. Oh my goodness I was only gone for a minute and look! Lol Thank you for all your comments. I always read the National Enquirer in line at the store...LOL

  6. Gangsters rule America. How sick is that?