Sunday, February 2, 2014

Just Don't Look To The Government in New Jersey

There's a big game that's being played today. Literally millions of dollars are spent on this game. According to one estimate the residents of New Jersey have spent $17.7 million.
We are willing to spend that kind of money on a game.
Our Governor, Chris Christie, was booed during a Super Bowl ceremony in Times Square. Mainly, I guess, for the Bridge closure he seems now to have knowledge of and probably ordered. Maybe that's enough of a reason, but there's more than that to justify peoples anger and dissillusionment.
For me, it's the hold up of aid for Sandy victims. Christie camp held Sandy relief money hostage, mayor alleges | MSNBC
Funds were held up for almost a year, while the people of New Jersey suffered. What kind of leader does that? The kind of leader who's wife and brother had plenty to do with what happened to the Sandy money. In the report, the company given a prominent role in the monitoring employs Christie's brother, Todd.
Here is Christie's wife's website,Grant Awards -
 a lot of grants have been awarded but it won't be until they file their 2013 forms to see how much money was disbursed to the victims and how much went to administrative salaries.
 In my town, which was hit very hard by Sandy, a food pantry opened, "during one of the worst years on record for the community still recovering from Hurricane Sandy" the pantry was built with volunteer labor and $76,000 in donations.
Congressman LoBiondo, says "There's such a need for this service." Why? Why are there so many people who need a food pantry?
According to Congressman LoBiondo, "oftentimes people look to the government to do everything for them."
Look at everything the government has done for us!
 Yes, Sandy caused a lot of problems in my community, to tell the truth, food pantries (yes, there's more than one here) have been a life saver for more than Sandy victims, they've also been a life saver for the victims of this economy that shows no signs of recovery here.
Because New Jersey has one of the worst unemployment problems in the country. The 8.7% is probably woefully inaccurate. I hope the Super Bowl will help things, but I doubt anyone here will see any benefit from it.
New Jersey is the biggest joke in the U.S. right now. Thanks to the Governor and all his corrupt cronies. Look what the government has done for us.
Traffic problems in Fort Lee, Sandy funds held up - so the people in New Jersey can suffer and struggle even more, but look! Here's a food pantry!
We have a government that's spending trillions on war, weapons and listening to our phone conversations, while Americans go without. I doubt seriously that anyone here is looking to the government to do ANYTHING for them. So if government can't do anything for the people, what's the point?
I think Congressman LoBiondo should look at what the government is doing for him; "Since 2008, LoBiondo has helped secure $4.68 million for beach monitoring and nourishment along the shores of Ventnor City, N.J., where he and his wife own a home about 850 feet from the beach." the congressman earmarked funds for work on that beach. I am almost afraid to look at what lobbies are buying him. He is lobbied by Abromoff Tom Delay's "closest and dearest friend" Abomoff is the Republican Party's biggest lobbyist.
Government can do a lot when it comes to LoBiondo. He pledged to serve "only" 6 terms and broke that "pledge" in 2006. So, government is doing a lot for Congressman Lobiondo. Just don't try looking to government to do anything for the peons in New Jersey.

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  1. Government is not the problem; Republicans in Government is the problem. When conservatives talk of small government what they mean is one small enough to fit into the pockets of the Plutocracy.

    Government is shrinking or growing its' being... strike that... it's been co-opted by the Super Rich and Ultra-Reactionary to serve the Rich and sniff around people's bedrooms and doctors offices.