Sunday, March 30, 2014

"America Has One Political Party With Two Right Wings"- Gore Vidal

This is the best they can do, another Bush. Influential Republicans working to draft Jeb Bush into 2016 presidential race - The Washington Post
Not that it really matters. We think we have two parties, but what we have is the Uniparty, the Business Party, really, it's no party at all. I don't know if anyone has a memory, but the last Bush was a disaster.
 Which brings me to the matter of  "W"not being tried for war crimes. Because "we can't go back" we have a family that can keep reproducing candidates ad nauseum. Another election is coming and then another. Keep voting! Keep believing in democracy! As if an election was any guarantee of that.
When I read about Chris Christie or Jeb Bush or Hillary for chissakes, I want to laugh, except it's just so damn sad. Keep buying into the political system that likes to keep you believing that there is any difference between any of these people.
Because the America we used to know, has ceased to exist. Both parties have been fooling the people they pretend to represent. When you have almost half the population of this country living in poverty, you have to understand that these elected people are entertainment, which is what the 1% intended them to be. They don't care about the massive unemployment problem. They care about Wall Street. That's who you are really voting for.
The Washing ton Post and The New York Times are definitely interested in selling more papers and more lies. People are still being conditioned to believe, out of some misguided sense of loyalty towards partisan politics, to continue to vote. These empty suits, actors, whatever you want to call them, are playing charades, nothing more. The raping and pillaging of America continues, as long as we keep voting.
Massive poverty, massive unemployment and all we can do is poke around in Ukraine? Look at the mess that has been made in our own country, that still hasn't been taken care of. Which begs the question, when are we going to demand that we take care of our own country, our own people?
Foreign aid, Total economic and military assistance: $49.5 billion
$525.4 billion Department of Defense budget
Money flows out of our DOD and our military families are on food stamps? Military use of food stamps rises again - Feb. 17, 2014
How does that even make sense? Another thing I want to know is how are we investing in America?  All I can find? Foreigners have $25.2 trillion invested in the US, a record high – Quartz
How is it that poverty is widespread in this country and all we hear from Washington D.C. is that we are broke? Yeah, and Iraq had WMD's, right?
 Ask yourself why nothing is being done to help the American people?
The answer is clear. No one wants to. No elected official gives a damn about the perilous position the average American finds themselves in. 
Jeb Bush may run and Jeb Bush may win or Hillary or whoever, and it won't make a damn bit of difference they are all the same party, the same business, the same corporation.
It is no accident that people think their vote doesn't matter, they are right. 90 million Americans didn't vote in the last election. When there is no difference between parties, then what exactly does a vote even mean? It's just one party with two right wings. How is that gonna fly?
Gore Vidal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


  1. I cannot argue with one word of this. Excellent post!

  2. I beg to differ, at least a bit. We have one party that's no good, and one party that's sometimes good, and sometimes ineffective, and sometimes thinks it's the other party.

    Are we at best voting for half a loaf most of the time? Yes, but the alternative would be to lie down in the mud and let the wagon wheels roll over our necks.

    Example of half a loaf: Obama gave us close to universal health care. Not the close to universal healthcare we'd want, with a single payer, but better than, "Shut up and die. You've had cancer and there's no way we'll cover you for a cough any more."

  3. There is no excuse for the Democratic Party. Anything it does that sounds even remotely "progressive" and everyone clings to it like it was a life preserver. You're absolutely right about only one Party in America. And it has two factions, the Oil and Gas faction, and the Financial faction. Both under the umbrella of the Corporate State (didn't Mussolini have something to say about "corporatism"?)