Sunday, March 2, 2014

Beware The Ides Of March

Here we go with the mixed messages. It kills me how we are so willing to spend money in other countries,
interfering and spreading our special brand of "democracy" because we have the "best" democracy, right?
U.S. lawmakers writing aid package for new Ukraine government | Reuters
 Obama's dilemma: boosting domestic initiatives without adding to deficit | Reuters
I become confused when I read these two headlines. Somehow we have money to help Ukraine, but no money to help ourselves. How is this possible? Social Security is broke and we can't have Head Start for American children, but we need to get in a pissing contest with Russia, AGAIN.
We can't even take care of our own business or people in OUR country, but we are willing to write a check for just about anyone but Americans. It's like a dysfunctional relationship where a person is telling you one thing but the actions don't match words.
I kind of feel like my country is cheating on me.
Here's the thing, Ukraine rebelled against a corrupt government. Why would they even want anything to do with us? We act like we don't have any corruption here, no siree! I am guessing in exchange for any money, we will want to establish some kind of military apparatus there so we can get into another war. After all, our economy has not improved much and there are still millions of people unemployed.
Check out the D.O.D. The Department Of Denial
Sources: DoD 5-year spending plan $115 billion over budget caps, ignores sequestration | Military Times |
Just ignore it and it will go away. So we have Sequestration but apparently it doesn't matter.
"the budget will include a separate $26 billion “Opportunity, Growth and Security Initiative.” The additional $26 billion would go toward readiness,"
What the hell is "readiness"? Opportunity for what exactly? Probably an opportunity to exploit some kind of crises like, say, in Ukraine, where contractors and consultants and all kinds of corporations can run rampant, in a for-profit Ponzi scheme, because Russia can't "win", oh, hell no.
I am all for Ukraine and their revolution. That doesn't mean that we have to go poking a bees nest with a stick. If Ukraine was smart they would want nothing to do with any American style intervention after the messes we made in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. These are not good examples of  American military force. We no longer have any credibility after our disastrous military mistakes. Sometimes I wonder if Putin just laughs at us? There is no need to get into another conflict, however, there is every need to start taking care of our own country and it's citizens. Oh, wait, the deficit!
We can't go around saying that we don't have money for food stamps but hey, lets give away, $54.5 billion* in foreign aid. That's exactly what our government does. Somehow we're willing to go poking our nose into everyone's business, while we don't even take care of our own. Is anyone naive enough to think the CIA and the NSA haven't been meddling with Ukraine for YEARS? Ukraine: Orange Revolution 2.0? | Global Research
We've already been there, done that regarding Ukraine. What I want to know is while everyone's looking at Ukraine's crises, what the hell is going on here right under our nose? 
 United States foreign aid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


  1. I don't feel like the government is cheating us. I know it.

    1. Too bad the rest of the population seems blissfully unaware!

  2. Maybe if Putin occupied Maine, our government would start spending money on this country for a change.

    1. I think occupying Sarah Palin's backyard would be more likely, seeing that she keeps an eye on them, they're THAT close!

  3. The fun fact is, both the US and Russia have full nuclear arsenals. So if we, or the Russians, miscalculate just a teensy-weensy, itty-bitty smidge...kaboom!

    So nevermind the money. Where's a desk I can dive under and cover my head with my arms, to shield myself against radiation, like I was taught to do in school when I was nine years old?

    Very crankily yours,
    The New York Crank

  4. Here's what's funny about that Crank, how many millions of gallons of radioactive waste are pouring out of Fukishima?
    We're already absorbing radiation. Forget hiding under a desk, stay away from sushi!

    1. Stay away from Sushi. Or, for that matter, from cooked fish.

      The New York Cranbk