Sunday, April 13, 2014

Capitalism Is Corrupt

I don't know if anyone noticed that this week Wall Street took a dump. Code red: Stocks tank on Wall Street - Apr. 10, 2014
Whoever is on  the "it's going to come back" train, waiting for happy days to come back again....hasn't been paying attention. A  few things however, have caught my attention. 

                                     This is Woody Harrelson "Ethos Time To Unslave Humanity."
It runs about an hour and if your lazing around on Sunday, you might want to watch. Basically, Woody outlines how we have been conditioned to consume and how our country became the mess it is today. 
If you're in the market for a rollicking good read, you might try this,"Capital in the Twenty-First Century." by Thomas Piketty, Why We’re in a New Gilded Age by Paul Krugman | The New York Review of Books " the era of equalization now lies behind us, and that the conditions are now ripe for the reestablishment of patrimonial capitalism." Hey, thanks for that, because its been established for quite some time now.  Capitalism isn't working, unless you're in the 1%. What Picketty suggests in his book is pretty remarkable, a GLOBAL wealth tax. Do I think that will happen? Hell no. But what is really interesting is that he actually takes into account the offshored trillions of dollars that aren't taxed, not the way Joe the plumber in Indiana is. 
Which brings me to the position that the economy is broken, that our government is corrupt and chases profit like a hedge fund manager. Capitalism is dragging us down and it might be useful to look at another kind of economy, one that has no use for money. A resource based economy. How can we live without money? Could that really work? We have the resources and the tech to take the next step and start creating a new infrastructure. We need to start thinking in a whole new way about how we live and it needs to be global.
Its called The Venus Project, beyond politics poverty and war. 
The social structure we have today isn't working, it's frozen. Working within our capitalist system is no longer an option. One of our major problems is the "We're number 1" attitude" that isn't really a good foundation for working together on a global platform. Lets start thinking of ways vastly different than what we have been conditioned to think. We need to evolve from capitalism to a better system.

           “The world has enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed.” 



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