Sunday, April 20, 2014

Obama's Rich People Meet-Up

Oh, guess who got to go to the White House? Community organizers? Nope, Give up? White House Hosts ‘Next Generation’ Young and Rich -
That's right, a who's who of the rich. "philanthropists finding each other, finding other philanthropists with shared interests.” It's kinda like a philanthropists meet-up, since they can't seem to find a way to meet each other without the President.
With the highest income equality since 1928, it's a great idea to get some Rockefellers and Marriots together, you know, because the President doesn't want to be slummin'.
  I wonder if they talked about this? Raise the  Wage | The White House
One of these "philanthropists" Patrick Gage, owns Radisson hotels, Country Inns and Suites, T.G.I. Friday’s and other brands, is an industry leader in enforcing measures to combat trafficking and involuntary prostitution. It's nice to know he's fighting human trafficing, while ripping off TGIFridays employees, Workers sue TGI Fridays for wage violations - Business - The Boston Globe
 There really is no better time than now to empower the already powerful.
I wonder if these "philanthropists" have offshored most of their income? Pritzker Yields Party Role Reversal on Offshore Trusts - Bloomberg 
Hey, that name seems familiar, oh right, Liesel Pritzker Simmons, she was "a little worried" that this shindig would be a "fund raise for the Democratic Party" which makes me laugh since there isn't one anymore.
So let me see, the way to get an invitation to a White House meet-up? Be born rich and have a pulse. The government worships wealth and this 1% party proves it.
Zac Russel, Russell Investments a global asset manager The price for his invitation? $953,234
  Russel Investments gave $100,000 to the Defeat 1098 campaign. A state income tax of 5% on it's own 1%. While the 99% precariat, are scrambling to pay our taxes, these people are donating thousands to avoid paying, that is if they haven't offshored all their money. Talk about rich people problems. These "philanthropists" are greedsters. There's never enough for them. There's never enough for the corrupt D.C. government either. This "Next Generation" party is the result of the corporate takeover of government.


  1. Sounds like a debutante ball.

  2. I didn't think of it that way. But you're right. Without the costumes and the punch. Lol