Thursday, May 15, 2014

Boehner's At The Bottom Of The Benghazi Barrel

So, Benghazi, right? Are they going to investigate that as many times as they tried to repeal Obamacare? Elizabeth Warren sent out an email saying this next investigation is a big waste of time. Now she's going to be burned at the stake by Fox News who says she's fundraising on Benghazi's back. Which is interesting since this is an election year and don't vote for Democrats because, BENGHAZI!  Wasting more time on Benghazi and churning up more scandal makes people rush to the polls to cast their vote. I know all my friends have been talking about nothing but Benghazi. 
Weirdly enough, I seem to remember a president who ignored a security brief and thousands of people died.  True story.
I watched the stock market go down again on the heels of bad news for poor Walmart! Profits are down!
Maybe if they paid their employees more, sales would be more profitable? Fast food workers in 100 cities went on strike today.  I wonder if anyone sees this connection? People don't have money. A stressed population earning depressed wages while gas and food prices keep going up. This isn't a recipe for stability, financial or otherwise. I hope these workers gain some momentum and keep at it, if they don't get some traction then all we have is Benghazi.
Thank God, Condoleezza Rice thinks we should have another Benghazi investigation. I don't know for sure, but I think shes got some free time on her hands after she had to withdraw from speaking at the Rutgers University commencement because of protests. Sitting in front of Fox News, watching all the latest about Benghazi is probably her cup of tea. Maybe The Benghazi Committee will throw in a couple of WMD's in her honor.
Now that Speaker Boehner has made the big announcement of another Benghazi investigation, then they all were off for a week (how much vacation time do these people have? They only work 113 days this year.)
Just about every working American works more than they do.
 I'm relieved we'll finally get to the bottom of Benghazi. But they don't have much time left if they only work for 113 days.


  1. It just occurred to me that if (I know, not very likely, but if) Hillary decides not to run, and the whole Benghazi thing turns out to be a waste of time and the Koch's money, the next thing Republicans will do is claim it was a dirty trick. You know...

    "She PURPOSELY didn't run to deflect the nation's attention from Obamacare and the bazillions of potential voter frauds that poop people without passports will commit at the voting booths, making us focus on Benghazi instead."

    "Plot, plot plot! This needs to be investigated!"

    Crankily yours,
    The New York Crank

  2. Maybe she's a witch!
    " Sir Bedevere: There are ways of telling whether she is a witch.

    Peasant 1: Are there? Oh well, tell us.

    Sir Bedevere: Tell me. What do you do with witches?

    Peasant 1: Burn them.

    Sir Bedevere: And what do you burn, apart from witches?

    Peasant 1: More witches.

    Peasant 2: Wood.

    Sir Bedevere: Good. Now, why do witches burn?

    Peasant 3: ...because they're made of... wood?

    Sir Bedevere: Good. So how do you tell whether she is made of wood?

    Peasant 1: Build a bridge out of her.

    Sir Bedevere: But can you not also build bridges out of stone?

    Peasant 1: Oh yeah.

    Sir Bedevere: Does wood sink in water?

    Peasant 1: No, no, it floats!... It floats! Throw her into the pond! "