Sunday, May 11, 2014


Sentimentality? Military intervention in Nigeria? There's a lot of speculation about what is going on in Nigeria and how hundreds of school girls are still missing, sold into slavery, raped, murdered, who knows?
As many of you might know, I am not the Obama's biggest fan. However, if you listen to Michelle Obama's words, I hope you heard this;
 Grown men, took sleeping children out of their beds.
Most important are the families who are worried sick about their daughters. I can't imagine what they are going through. More to the point, the Nigerian government KNEW about the plot to kidnap these children four hours before it happened and they failed to act. Nigerian President Goodluck Johnson, "believes the girls are still in Nigeria" WTF? I used to believe in the tooth fairy. Whatever.
 There's a whole lot of nonsense about whether or not Michelle Obama should have spoken out about this horrible act. Instead of outrage, people are wondering about Nigeria's resources and whether this incident is a false flag for starting a war.
Our President is responsible for 168 to 200 children's deaths as a result of his drone attacks. So yeah, I get the hypocrisy element.
That doesn't change the fact that there are children missing, sold into slavery or forced into marriage.
 The fact is that violence against women goes on everyday. EVERYWHERE.
                                                               Happy Mothers Day.
 Stop Violence Against Women | CARE
#BringBackOurGirls - Action for Accountability  

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