Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Good Luck, Nigeria

I am no authority on foreign relations. I don't know much about Africa, unless you count my Middle Eastern studies from college which mainly concentrated on the colonialization of the Middle East which can be extrapolated to Africa and the hegemony of  the British Empire and American geopolitics. So, it was with both relief and a certain amount of trepidation when I read, U.S. to aid Nigeria in effort to rescue kidnapped schoolgirls - Los Angeles Times
 First of all, I can't believe for a minute that we don't have a CIA presence there. Second, with the NSA listening to everyone everywhere, I guess the BOKO HARAM aren't terrorists. They are merely slave traders.
When a sea of outrage happens over a  video of  "The Innocence Of Muslims" and certain political cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed,
Now there are reports that 8 more children have been kidnapped. BBC News - Eight more Nigeria girls abducted
  There's a lot of speculation that Mr. Goodluck Jonathan, President of Nigeria, is beholden to corruption and bribes. Perhaps there's a sort of Boko Haram lobby? If politicians can be bought and sold, why not children, right?
Someone, tell me why, it took so long to get some help for the helpless?
 Maybe because we are all guilty of looking the other way?  Of not paying attention, because it could never happen here? Instead I guess it's ok if our children are slaughtered by guns, in the good old USA.

Sandy Hook: A chart of all 137 fatal school shootings since 1980.
What is it about this? Shoot 'em, kidnap them?
What really kills me? Is the NRA's strangle hold with guns in this country. Where children die everyday.  But honestly, who is worse?
What does it say about the human race that in 2014 this is reality?


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