Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Run For The Border

I don't get real personal on this blog, but something happened the other day. There was a conversation about immigration, and illegal aliens, specifically Mexican immigrants. Then a woman I know asked two questions
"Why do Mexicans need Social Security numbers?"
"Don't they have Social Security in Mexico?"
Yeah, That actually happened.
The reality that immigrants may need an AMERICAN Social Security to is obviously foreign. (Pun intended)
This kind of ignorance is why this country is going down the drain. Mexico does have a Social Security Institute, but you can't just use that number in this country.
I am guessing the day that the New Deal or Franklin Roosevelt came up at school she was absent.
 Either that or they don't teach it anymore, because the social safety net that happened after the Great Depression, is being discarded and we are being told that we don't have any money for "entitlements."
I have been reading about the refugee children pouring into our country. *38,000 children last year, that  number is expected to double this year. They are fleeing their country because things are so bad, this is the option left to them.
 Leaving a third world country, because things are better here. I don't expect it to last too long. What they are running from, we are turning into.
Maybe they still believe in the "American Dream" and conditions here are more humane, depending on where you live.
But the kind of stupid that I encounter daily is rampant.. I really just have given up hope that things will ever get better and then you take into account that helpless children are desperate enough to come here, tells you a lot about America's escapades south of the border. Looks like things are turning into chaos, much like the spectacle we are witnessing in Iraq.
What I am witnessing for the most part, with people I see daily, is a breakdown, people are completely disconnected. They act like they are in their living rooms when they are in places like movie theaters and libraries. I don't know anyone who has a passport, let alone experienced another culture. Our architecture is crap, everyone is in a frenzy of busyness, working 2 jobs, trying to survive. The truth is that America is dying and I thought I was the only one who noticed what was happening, but no, Morris Berman, author of Dark Ages America is way ahead of me. This book actually made me feel like I wasn't alone in my observations, its a good fast read.
 I am guessing by the time I leave this earth, this country won't be completely like the fall of Rome, but I'm sure it will accelerate. When you have a bunch of illiterate people asking stupid questions like "Isn't there Social Security in Mexico?" Because these programs in her mind are interchangeable, and there's a worldwide Social Security number everyone just has. You better believe this isn't going to get better. My only hope is that this woman, will swim across the Rio Grande in an effort to collect when she retires, and maybe win the Darwin Award.
 Mexico does have a Social Security Institute, I imagine you would have to be a Mexican citizen to obtain benefits, or some kind of documentation. Mexican Social Security Institute - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
*70,000 Kids Will Show Up Alone at Our Border This Year. What Happens to Them? | Mother Jones

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