Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mission NOT Accomplished

If the mission was to turn a country that was NOT a terrorist threat into one, then I guess, Mission Accomplished in Iraq. Insurgents in Iraq overrun Mosul provincial government headquarters | Reuters

The sad news just keeps coming as we learn that 5 NATO members were killed in friendly fire in Afghanistan.
There's not much aknowledgement that these events are happening. No one I know talks about it. It's like for most people the wars are already over, if they ever noticed they started.
 The fact that we were duped into this senseless carnage by fictional WMD's and threats of Al Queda in a country where they didn't exist, just makes it that much harder to see more death and chaos going on.
We have seen the results of  this violence play out in the VA scandal where a system is swamped with the wounded and retired vets seeking care from a system inadequately staffed. And so it goes.
So what exactly was the endgame here? Why did we want to go to war in the first place? Because I don't see any benefit of it. What I do see is a country willing to go along with a war of choice and then dump the soldiers into a system where they could very well die waiting for treatment. Then the big idea is to give veterans vouchers or privatize their healthcare and lets pretend that it won't be even more expensive for them.
These veterans are going to be living with the consequences of this corporate war for years. The shock and awe of it all? These corporations are the real WMD's. They are the ones behind the lies to get us into these wars. Then they want to bury the soldiers with vouchers so the health insurance industry can extract more profit out of them.
Meanwhile we have a government that does nothing but talk. Too bad they didn't leave it at that, when they started 2 wars in the Middle East.


  1. The first question I want posed to any of these Right-Wing cowards is did you ever serve during the Holy GWoT? (Global War on Terror). Because during this War which Republicans crafted as a struggle not unlike WW2, a huge number of conservatives beating the drums for war seemed to never have served a day in uniform.

  2. I see what you did there Gene. GWotT indeed.

    1. BTW, thanks for your comments over at my blog. I seem to have attracted a number of vulgar right-wing trolls. Who get especially incensed when I don't back down from their insults and call them out for their cowardice.