Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pieces Of Iraq

It's looking more and more like the border between Iraq and Syria has probably disintegrated, ISIS may get as far as Baghdad. Iran is a major player in trying to broker some sort of peace agreement. Even more ironic is the U.S  George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier being sent to the Persian Gulf, "just in case." I thought they were supposed to solve their own problems, even after we've caused most of their problems.
Bush And Bandar
ISIS wants to create a Sharia ruled state, meanwhile there is a Sunni population that is in the minority, in Iraq, though, they are a majority throughout the Middle East. There are the Shia and then there are the Kurds and the prediction is that Iraq will split into three pieces.
One things for sure, one U.S. military intervention after another doesn't seem to be anything other than setting up another crises so that those in power can profit. the Carlyle Group is at it again and now Tony Blair is a member, in case you're wondering why he's so set on another go round.
Does anyone think it strange that this groups name is Isis, but nothing like the Goddess of motherhood, magic and fertility? In the spirit of the Goddess Isis, I hope some magical humanitarian aid is on the way to Iraq instead of bombs or drones.
I'm not sure why we are still on this Global policeman kick like we have any business in Iraq or anywhere else, unless it's for humanitarian purposes and even then, I'm not sure we'd do such a great job.
Prince Bandar bin Sultan, anyone remember this name? Kerry had the nerve to tell him to stop funding the fighters overthrowing the Assad Regime, which is where ISIS is getting it's money from. We need to stay out of this. Nothing positive can come of our presence there. I think that's been proven. Here's something that should make us all feel better. Bush-Era Advocates Of Splitting Iraq Into Three Parts Say: I Told You So

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  1. The Saudis are pretty much the genesis for most of these religious fighters. In the 1960s and 1970s Saudis were Engineers and Construction Laborers setting up their Oil Infrastructure. But, then something happened, the Saudis became wealthy and their children didn't go to school for Engineering but undertook Religious Education, then with the Soviet Afghan War, those religious students decided to become a Merc Force fighting for Islam against the Atheist Horde with funding and weapons from Ronald W. Reagan.

    Now, the children of those zealots were raised entirely in the bosom of fanaticism and have begun turning on the Saudis and other "decadent" Arabic/Islamic Governments.