Sunday, June 8, 2014

"Thought Work"

Everything we see, Everywhere you go, we are being marketed to, comodified, surveilled, watched  or followed. Construction of our culture has been taken over by corporations. The consequences of this is that our very thoughts and ideas are being influenced by "brands" and "touch points," consumer behavior has value. Your only value as a person is as far as you purchase, consume, buy or spend.
We have become a society that is market oriented, without any goal that is for the common good or making anything better in this country.
 Public concerns, care of it's citizenry is only useful if people can be manipulated into voting against their own interests, so corporations can profit.

Politics has been comodified to such an extant, in one article in Al Jazeera, explains that there is little difference between left and right when it comes to war. What I think is that there is little difference between them whether it's about war or anything else. I don't know if things were always this corrupt but it seems like the post 9/11 gravy train of surveillance has become a mash up of marketing to consumers worldwide. It's not about your safety.
 Politicians are raking in the cash, while doing nothing concerning the public good.
 I wonder what George Orwell would have to say about our post-terrorism age? Now we have ever more intrusive models of televisions and iPhones, taking Big Brother wherever we go. I don't know about you, but I don't feel any safer.
Corporations receive more subsidies, bailouts and tax breaks than the average citizen because of their hallowed "free market" status. Offshoring their profits, bleeding our country dry, while everyday Americans continue going to Walmart, knowing that the workers there live in poverty and think nothing of it, that is "thought work". It sure is working.
Keeping us "thinking" we live in a Democracy and watching us wherever we go, in our brave new world seems at odds with freedom. Because freedom isn't free, it's bought and sold, by slavish politicians devoted to corporate masters. Sooner or later this corrupt pyramid will crumble, when we stop being goose stepping flag wavers. I don't know about you but I don't need or want the right to buy low priced junk.
When in the past has their been this kind of wealth inequality and a spy state existed?  When "The goal of economic policies was to build up the state, especially in an age of incessant warfare"  Louis XIV of France - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
 I doubt we will be seeing anything on a French Revolution level. Not in a country where the incessant marketing and realty shows keep Americans sated and tranquil. Keep eating the cake, made by Mosanto, blissfully unaware that you are purchasing your own poison. When the biggest controversy in a week is about whether we should have traded "detainees" for a "soldier-deserter," not why we went to war in the first place and torturing of our own prisoners. That is "thought work." Marketing by the media suggests many things, rarely the truth. Context is gone in our culture, because everything is now. We can't look back. But we can gather every bit of information we can on citizens, going about their business. The cameras are on us all the time and we have accepted it. That is "thought work." 
Whatever you do just don't think about it.


  1. It's probably more accurate to say there's no difference between Republicans and Democrats rather than Right and Left, the political parties most of the time mere shadows of their respective ideologies.

  2. By far, this is the hardest concept I try convince people of. First, articulating it is difficult, especially the kind of person who thinks their vote counts, if you don't vote then don't complain, etc. They may acknowledge a problem in "the system" but continue voting. Most people have no idea about the "controls" that have been put in place by these politicians on the citizenry, making it near impossible to rebel, we saw what happened with OWS and the abuse sanctioned by authorities. People keep drinking the kool-aid and believing in a system that is broken. Based on the puritanical winner take all mentality, built by the privileged, for the privileged. People have so much invested in their Republican or Democratic party, they can't believe that its a bunch of spin for politicians to get richer, while we pay the price.