Sunday, July 13, 2014

Keeping You Safe From Terrorism

Sometimes, I think average Americans are incapable of democracy. The proof of this is that we live in an oligarchy, but the average Fox News watching American has no idea of this. They are too busy with their smartphones to notice much of anything. That smartphone is a tool for the NSA to constantly monitor behavior. I would like to think that there's all kinds of terrorists plots the NSA has destroyed as a result of  sweeping up emails and phone conversations of average people. However, that doesn't seem to be the case.  You know what America does? Spy on Angela Merkel. She complained to President Obama in person about it and it probably didn't make a bit of difference and I'm pretty sure they are still doing it. I never hear one bit of outrage from any of my co-workers or anyone I meet in my daily life about the controls that have been placed upon average people, let alone world leaders. Everyone is interested in the next payday, trying to make ends meet. That economic pressure you feel? That's controlled by the elite. What I want to know is what's the end game here? I can think of several outcomes and none of them have to do with helping average Americans.
Ever hear of the "Black Budget"? Here's the deal, we spent $52 billion dollars on 16 spy agencies, but no one  knows or even cares.
I have heard people complaining about the 50,000 children crossing our border and all the free stuff they get and on and on about helpless refugee children. Republicans blame President Obama for the immigration "crises" and President Obama complains that Republicans won't do anything so nothing gets done and it's been this way for years now. Why do we even pay these people? No wonder no one pays attention to politicians. All they are is a money suck. Wouldn't it be interesting if the NSA spied on John Boehner and swept up all his emails? Here in the "Land Of The Free" the NSA is free to listen to private citizens phone conversations, so why not Boehner's? The intelligence community wastes resources sifting through peoples boring conversations, meanwhile they couldn't stop the Boston bombers from causing chaos, so what's the use? Just keep propping up the spy system, spending billions and all we hear is that America's broke. So broke that kids crossing our borders are a huge problem and they can't stay, but spying on Americans is ok, there's always money for that. Meanwhile our government jams austerity down our throats. The elite have made billions out of creating and slaying "enemies," bankrupting the American people. Corrupt power is more dangerous than "terrorism." I am afraid that this democracy has been fatally corrupted from within.