Sunday, July 27, 2014

Savages In Suits

For people who actually still pay attention to what's going on when it comes to current events, the only reporting that's emphasized is pretty much war and conflict between Israel and Palestine, airplane crashes and tens of thousands of children migrating to the U.S.
I noticed on Thursday, Paul Ryan came out with some hogwash about how he has a plan for poor people;
Expanding Opportunity in America 
Except for one thing. There are no opportunities being created and I mean jobs for one. Sorry, Paul, because there seems to be a lack of jobs and a serious lack of a living wage. When adults with children are working in the fast food industry at jobs that used to be intended for high school and college kids, something is 
"Intellectual" Paul Ryan
seriously wrong. Not only that, but they are planning to unionize for higher wages.
 Be afraid Paul Ryan, be very afraid.
When people, I am talking working people, have to get food stamps to survive, then we have a serious situation. Paul Ryans plan to give states more control and to create a tailor made program to coach the poor to get out of their poverty situation sounds lovely. Except if you live in a state like mine, with a devastated economy and a rip-off artist for a governor.
The state of New Jersey is basically bankrupt and Christie is robbing the states pension fund because his rosy projections for the economy didn't foresee a serious lack of revenue, because, well, people who are working can't make ends meet, let alone pay the highest taxes in the country.
Lets just say that everything works out and Ryans plan is adopted, Where's the money going to come from to fund the "coach caseworkers"? Because Christie can't even get funding for Lack of funding stalls Gov. Christie's plan for more class time |
Christie used money for Hurricane Sandy relief for his own ad campaign to get re-elected, so who's to say that any money going to poor people would actually ever trickle down on them? See, that's the problem that Paul Ryan never addresses, it's the corruption also the assumption that people who are employed aren't paid such low wages that they need supplemental federal help to feed their families. It's just assumed that a job is enough.
What I see here is that Paul Ryan is getting ready for 2016 and so is Christie. Their creative financing schemes are all about robbing Peter to pay Paul. I don't think that this new "Expanding Opportunity" will be anything more than an opportunity to line politicians pockets and to try and pretty up Paul Ryan for president, probably on a ticket with Christie. Pretending to care about the poor in order to keep himself employed is Ryan's goal here and who can blame him? The Great Recession is still alive and well and a good job is hard to find. I can't wait for 2016, hopefully by then fast food workers will have a strong enough union to have some clout. Because I can't see Ryan's plan for the poor gaining any traction. But what I can see is people getting fed up with a government run by corporations.

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