Sunday, July 6, 2014

"The Power To Define The Situation Is The Ultimate Power"*

Or maybe it should be the power to confine the "situation". A few weeks ago, there was a protest against austerity in the UK. 50,000 people marched and the BBC chose to ignore it, and why not? After all the BBC is a corporation. Hopefully it's just the start for people who are fed up with being screwed over by the government, the banks, corporations, etc. What austerity's really about is letting big business off the hook when it comes to taxes, offshored money and receiving all kinds of corporate welfare. Meanwhile basic services and programs are too expensive. What is happening there is happening here. It's the defeat and death of the public sector. Sickness, poverty, unemployment, no more safety net for anyone. Just take it back, way back.
We can agree that government is helping the wealthy and big corporations. Politicians are bought and sold by  lobbies. Everything is based on corporate greed, instead of the needs of the people.
 I keep thinking we should be reaching a tipping point by now, then it's still status quo and nothing changes.
I was reading this article about Ukraine "the land where time stood still" and the real reasons people rebelled. It seems that "basic services have been allowed to rot and decay while neighboring lands have made attempts to modernize." How familiar does this sound? Basically, Ukrainians have been dealing with economic deprivation for the last 20 years. Sounds like some kind of forced austerity while " ineptitude, graft across all sectors of Ukrainian society and a general 'we don't care' attitude has reduced Ukrainians to penury." Are you trackin' with me on this, because this sounds eerily familiar. I don't think the US is as bad as Ukraine, but this is where we are headed. Corruption is off the charts in that country, it's getting to be like that here too.
What I really think has to happen before anything will change is a global movement. We are being squeezed even more than the UK, at least they have a single payer healthcare system. Our government hasn't done a damn thing and will continue to stay frozen as long as they get their payoffs. Just know that the rundown of what happened to Ukraine is systematically happening here and in the UK. For further reading, here's a good source and it's a co-operative, not owned by a corporation, Morning Star
Meanwhile the Independence Day celebrations are still going on and the fireworks displays have been over the top in typical American fashion. Which has me a bit freaked out because I don't get the sense that any of these people lighting them have a clue about what's going on. By the time they figure it out it'll probably be too late as America crumbles around them.
  * Jerry Rubin


  1. One reason the upheaval will be slow in coming is that America is full of potential scapegoats. "Furriners" invading our shores disguised as children and taking all our jobs and services, for example. When that fails, we have distractions. "He roasted them kids in the back of the car and we don't even know if they'll go for the death penalty."

    The corruptocracy is safe as long as we have enough bread and circuses. The circus potential is endless. When the bread stops, and all the scapegoats have been punished, and there's still no bread, that's when the revolution starts. And then it quickly becomes a bloody one.

    Alas, peaceful change doesn't seem to be in the picture.

    Yours crankily,
    The New York Crank

  2. So, it's let them eat cake then? Mais ouis?