Sunday, August 3, 2014

51/2 Weeks

5 1/2 weeks. They're out of town. Before they left they passed a border bill that has no chance of passing the Senate. I'd like to consider exactly what these people have done to earn 5 weeks off?
Highway and Transportation Funding Act of 2014 (H.R. 5021) -
This bill actually got out of congress, then the senate changed the plan to fund it and sent it back to the house, then congress changed it back and sent it back to the senate and went home. Maybe it will be taken up again in September.
They passed a V.A. Bill. So that's one thing. They must be exhausted. 
Here's another thing. The House gave Boehner the power to sue the president. They will sue him over the employer mandate in the ACA. The House has voted 54 times in four years on Obamacare. Here’s the full list. - The Washington Post
None of that worked so now they think suing him will, even though I have read that this lawsuit will end up at Department of Health and Human Services.
My thought when they first started talking about this lawsuit was that it would be a moneymaker for someone. So far the impeachment nonsense has been successful for democrat fundraising, "asserting that the GOP-led House plans to impeach Mr. Obama, while asking for donations. The group raised $1 million on Monday alone, and a total of $7.6 million since Mr. Boehner first announced the lawsuit in late June."
Boehner says the impeachment talk is a democrat "scam".
Elizabeth Price Foley, is one of the lawyers for John Boehner's lawsuit. She's an authority on the Tea Party, ▶ BookTV: "The Tea Party: Three Principles"-- Elizabeth Price Foley - YouTube
The Tea Party: Three Principles: Elizabeth Price Foley: 9781107011359: Books
She says the Tea Party is a "book club" in her video.
I'm thinking lawyers are going to be grifting the government for money, prosecuting it. Believe it or not Ted Cruz was a lawyer for Boehner. Just so you know how tied to the Tea Party Boehner is.
Here are some emails from "JBone" to his lawyers from Funny Or Die, hilarious! John Boehner's Email Exchange with a Lawyer About Suing the President from Nate Dern
David Rivkin, is the lead lawyer for Boehner, a former employee of the Justice Department under Bush, also represents "former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in a lawsuit by al Qaeda operative José Padilla, who claims he was tortured while in custody" (see, "we tortured some folks") a former member of the Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights of the United Nations. Are you kidding me? That seems confusing, but never mind. Rivkin is employed by, BakerHostetler | Law Firm the chairman  is R. Steven Kestner, of Ohio, what a coincidence since that's where John Boehner is from! BakerHostetler, "The law firm and policy shop landed the biggest of all, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio)," Congress-focused super PACs dominate May independent expenditures - BP PAC pads political pockets - Motorcycle advocates rev up lobbying efforts - POLITICO Influence -
"lobbying clients could also benefit from the face time and connections with lawmakers. " Oh, I can only imagine. I was thinking there must be somebody who is connected to John Boehner, somehow.  So looks like he may be doing some friends a favor since Mr. Kestner has been donating money to Boehner since 2003, R STEVEN KESTNER (BAKER AND HOSTETLER LLP), (Zip code: 44022) $500 to FRIENDS OF JOHN BOEHNER on 09/18/03. CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio (OH) Political Contributions by Individuals - Donations to Congress, local, or national races, Republican or Democrat and other candidates I have read that this whole lawsuit thing was driven by these lawyers in the first place and no wonder since it's a moneymaker all around. Just in case you were wondering, that's why, but I'm sure you probably knew that.


  1. If national election turnout looks anything like local turnout here in middle TN, it's going to be an ugly midterm for the Democrats... despite all of the bovine excrement you listed in this post. Why the average American can't see the turds on the surface of the national septic tank is beyond comprehension to me. They are nothing more than posers riding the Pander Express at every opportunity, and they keep getting support from people willing to vote against their own self interests. Go figure!

  2. Yep, it's amazing. Lawyers, guns and money. As long as they can have their guns, that's who they will vote for. There is no thought as to who these people are really working for, and it ain't us!