Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bring Out Your Bombs

Did you know that our secretary of defense is a salesman? He just brokered an $11 billion deal with Qatar, for Patriot missiles. I just love the name, "Patriot missiles"as if they're rockets for freedom or something. These aren't the only weapons Hagel has been pedaling. How about some military helicoptors for India?  You know what else is big business? Drones. 66 countries are eligible to buy them, says the Pentagon. Isn't that great for Northrup Grumman and Boeing? The economy has been stagnant for quite some time and there's nothing like war and weapons to jump start things with a BOOM!
Just sayin'!
It was about this time last year that there was a red line that Syria stepped over, so here we go again. Because, you know, we care. Yeah right.
What the hell is wrong with us that there's no other way to do business and our secretary of defense is a weapons broker? He goes all over the world drumming up business for weapons manufacturers and no one bats an eye. Like it's normal for a secretary of defense to be doing that. Because arms are an industry. It's the military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about. Nobody listened and as far as I know hardly anyone cares. The U.S. has the top 5 arms manufacturers worldwide. That's not exactly good for any kind of lasting peaceful co-existance. Because that's not very profitable.
So I guess it's time for democracy for Syria, since we did such a great job with Iraq. Besides we've extracted everything we could from there, time to look for greener pastures. We bombed Iraq back to the Stone Age and created a power vacuum, alternately funding terrorist organizations that we now want to bomb. It's come full circle and is a great strategy for the arms industry which is why we'll never have peace. It's just not profitable enough. I don't know anyone who thinks we have any business in the Middle East, but that won't stop President Obama or John McCain and Lindsey Graham from saying "bombs away!" I am sure they are all well aware that, when you start bombing Assad and Syria you we are also going to be dealing with Putin. Maybe that's the point. Another Proxy war. It's just so predictable. No one is going to say we can't afford to bomb someone the way our representatives argue against food stamps or Social Security, there's always money for war. Not so much for taking care of war veterans. It's really hard to believe we are going to do this all over again. People are rioting in the streets here, so I guess we need another distraction.
Black swan theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
to take our minds off of our problems. Hey, I wonder if Turkey needs any weapons? Did you know they have a lobby? Did you know there is a crazy amount of competition between the U.S. and China selling weapons to Turkey among other places? You people in Ferguson better settle down, we've got other opportunities to exploit.

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