Sunday, August 31, 2014


 I don't know exactly what Burger King contributes to American society. Poverty wages? Tons of waste? Nutritionally deficient food? Despite all of that, people got pissed off about Burger King heading to Canada to dodge taxes. Because there's never enough for corporations. So BK decides to make a big announcement they aren't going any where, when really they are and will be able to leave the U.S tax burden, unlike the rest of us wage slaves.
Last night, after I got home from my exhausting job, I read about a woman working four jobs who died taking a nap in her car. 4 part time jobs. No wonder she was exhausted. This is normal now. People working multiple part time jobs because full time work is non-existent. Happy Labor Day weekend. Most people won't even get one. It's kind of funny to me because no one at work mentioned why we have a Labor Day or what it means and unions have gone by the wayside for being too stale, male and pale. People are confused about unions and people generally feel they are corrupt. They take your money for their "dues" and then do nothing for you. People are being screwed everyday in this labor market, with crappy part time jobs and minimum wages that keep people so
Don't think so.
exhausted they have no idea what to do or how the system of corporatocracy keeps them from earning a decent living with humane benefits. I guess that's probably the point. I don't know what it's going to take to get to the point where Americans just turn their backs on this capitalist bullshit financial system that is not in the least rewarding for most people. Life long work and drudgery isn't a goal. People don't deserve poverty. But this American culture will tell you to pull yourself up by your bootstraps or else die. That's social Darwinism.
All week long I heard the nauseating Paul Ryan "the intellectual" and how case workers are going to be setting goals for the 45 million people on food stamps. The big problem with Ryan? He's living in the past where fulltime work is plenitfull and college degrees didn't cost tens of thousands of dollars. The concept of "work" has changed. The economic crisis of 2009 has changed everything for ordinary American workers. No one seems to be acknowledging that automation has taken over, rendering millions of jobs obsolete. Factories have gone to China and people who used to graduate from high school and get a good job for 20 years don't have that option anymore. You can have all the lofty goals you want but that won't put dinner on the table. People aren't working  2 or 3 part time jobs because good times are trickling down all over them. It isn't just the appalling minimum wage people are expected to live on but also a government that manipulates inflation data so it doesn't include the prices of gas and food. So we have no idea what the real inflation rate is and politicians pat themselves on the back saying inflation is low, oh yeah and the unemployment rate is 6%, right. Because we don't really know what that is either. It isn't just that people don't know anything about Labor Day or organizing to get fair wages and hours. It's the fact that most Americans are kept in the dark about real facts that affect them daily. They are working as hard as they can and can't figure out why they can't get ahead. Because that's the point. You never will. We need a Second American Revolution. Read about it here.
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  1. I agree, I don't like Ryan either. I also think you are right, it's hard to cut thru the clutter and get a true facts. I try and keep up with news & politics, but damn, trying to figure out what's the best answer if pretty tough. You can watch Face The Nation or any number of shows like that, and you have pros and cons, we should do this, we should not do this. I do think we have to watch what happens globally, however. It can get out of control pretty quickly, and grow worse. But I have to hand it to Obama in that he weighs his decisions carefully, and doesn't rush right in with Mission Accomplished signs plastered over his head.

    McCain was on the tube today saying we should do this and that, but that's easy to say when your neck isn't on the line (and Congress whines about ever move and the budget). I do think Obama is trying not to get involved in some of these conflicts as best he can so as not to put the American soldiers in harms way and wreck out budget further, but I don't see many thank yous on Fox news.

  2. Vox, I don't watch TV anymore, so you know more than I do. I found shows like Face The Nation, too male and too stale. If you read my blog a week ago then you know damn well McCain is a war mongerer and Arizona is home to the biggest defense contractors in this country. I don't think anyone gives Obama credit for his shrewdness. His use of drones is a worry, to say the least. The best answers are what your eyes and ears tell you. I see so many people unable to make ends meet and politicians getting richer while corporations offshore their profits, while our schools and infrastructure crumble. I see people having babies who have no work and no way to support themselves, they have basically given up, they don't bother with "traditional" relationships or work. I am not judging them. They don't vote and they know corruption is rampant. This will continue. This country is breaking down and maybe it needs to.