Sunday, October 26, 2014

#Ebowla Is No Joke

A doctor came down with Ebola in New York City. This dude decided it was okay to ride the subway, go bowling and now authorities are trying to retrace his steps. Some people think he went to a bowling alley on purpose for all the twitter puns, #ebowling.
We were told that Dr. Spencer "acted appropriately and responsibly".  It doesn't sound like it to me and this dude writes that he's ok with being lied to and we should be ok with it too. Cuomo, de Blasio Lied About Craig Spencer's Ebola. That's OK. | New Republic Because we're all going to have terrible anxiety now and we're all going to rush to the emergency room if we get a damn cold. Seriously?
So, if they'll lie to us about this, who knows what the hell else politicians lie about?
What really surprised me is that Cuomo and Christie just  let loose with the whole, we're not following CDC guidelines because they clearly aren't working. "Cuomo said voluntary quarantine is not sufficient, and that it is "almost an oxymoron."
A big concern are civil liberties, but after the Patriot Act, it's a little late for that, anyway the ACLU wants a legal reason for Christie putting a healthcare worker under quarantine, I doubt he cares. Personally I wish he'd put Snooky under quarantine so she would stop procreating her brand of stupid. But I digress, or do I? Donald Trump (I wonder if he's related to Snooky?) tried to blame President Obama, some people tried to blame Obamacare,
"Ebola has been confirmed in N.Y.C., with officials frantically trying to find all of the people and things he had contact with.Obama's fault"
Read the Frightwing freakout here; Here are the craziest responses to New York’s first Ebola case -
I am an hour and a half ride from NYC, I'm guessing that between the bowling alley that got cleaned up and this guys apartment, there's no trace of Ebola left. I wonder who has to pay for that clean up? I sure would like it if someone would clean my house for free, but my friend at work pointed out that there would probably be nothing left in your house and they'd throw everything away, so guess that's not a perk after all.
I am trying to find a silver lining in this situation, I can think of several politicians I would like to see quarantined. But none of them would be brave enough to go to a country with an Ebola outbreak and actually do something selfless.
Oh snap, did you see that picture of President Obama  hugging that nurse who had Ebola? Scandal!
Pic from
That's not going to go over too well I guess. Unlike Ebola, there's no cure for republicans, it's a death sentence. I heard you could contract it from watching Fox News!
Check it out! Nothing like an epidemic to get a consumer to part with a buck. Don't you just love capitalism?
How about an Ebola party? As infection toll passes 10,000, websites cash in with 'sexy Ebola nurse' costumes and even Ebola PARTIES  | Daily Mail Online
 What a party pooper,  this woman says the #Ebowla jokes need to stop! The #Ebowla Jokes Need to Stop | TIME
 Because every person who's been treated for this virus, became infected because they helped others, fair enough. But you can't blame people for having a laugh.

I guess it's ok to bust on the Black Plague, but leave Ebola alone for a few centuries.

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