Sunday, October 12, 2014

Indigenous People's Day

Truly, something to celebrate.
Columbus was never here. He made it to the Bahamas, a destination that seems very popular to this day. However, North America he never set foot on. It seems that wherever Columbus went, slavery, rape and pillage were to follow. There is evidence that "Columbus knowingly aided the rape of captured indigenous people." Great guy, I can see why we celebrate him. Still, most of America persists with this "tradition" of Columbus Day. Seattle wised up. In Seattle, Columbus Day now 'Indigenous Peoples' Day'
 California created Indigenous People's Day back in 1992.
Seeing that there is a big lull in consumer opportunities, this federal holiday is a retail gold mine. So I guess  Columbus Day will be with us for years to come, despite the fact that history shows, why we celebrate this day in the first place isn't really true.
Less than a month ago I read about a $554 million settlement the Navajo Nation won from The U.S. The BIA and through them the U.S. government mismanaged and lets just say ripped off the Navajo Nation for decades. Yes, we're #1 all right, we excel at exploitation. This settlement does not include water rights claims and health issues from  uranium mining.
This is only a guess, but I am pretty sure we won't be hearing about the landmark Cobell v. Salazar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia settlement of $3.4 billion, the largest class action lawsuit against the U.S. government. The government removed the judge from this case, a Judge Lamberth, Reagan appointee, because he had lost his "objectivity," he "repeatedly ruled for the Native Americans in their class-action lawsuit." Well, we can't have that can we?
I am very happy that the Navajo people finally got justice, however, it doesn't make up for what these people have lost and the way they have been treated. Maybe this money will help them with basic services they so desperately need.
Meanwhile, there will be a parade tomorrow, to celebrate Italian Americans contributions to New York City.
Where's the parade for the Native Americans contributions? I guess we'll continue to live in denial and sweep all that under the rug, then we can get ready for what I so fondly call "Thankstaking." Just in case you have kids, here's something helpful; What to tell your kid on Columbus Day (Opinion) -
It's pretty bad when there's so much misinformation and just plain obfuscation, thanks to the miseducation system. Don't count on the U.S. school system to teach the truth, you're on your own. I think Indigenous People's Day would be a good place to start, while your on your way to that mattress sale.


  1. I'm Genovese on my dad's dad's side, and I think Columbus was horrible.

    1. Bad I am ignorant of what Genovese bad., Bad.

    2. Did you mean this Genovese?
      Now I know you REALLY are BAD! Now I'm kinda scared...

  2. Well, Columbus never stepped on the North American mainland (he would have had he gone a little more to the northeast, present-day Florida) but it IS an important historical event. But so is Hitler invading Poland. Not every historical event needs celebrating.