Thursday, January 8, 2015

Je Suis Charlie

I didn't think after I blogged on Sunday, about art and politics, I would be reading on Wednesday about the terrible attack on the artists at Charlie Hedbo in Paris. The Guardian shared how artists around the world showed solidarity with the victims of this terrilble crime. Here's mine;

This is a crying Prophet because if he exists in this life or the next, this is what he's doing.
I noticed in the drawings shown in the Guardian what was missing. Can you guess? Can you guess why?

 I remember the controversy in 2007, I also remember a fatwa called on Salman Rushdie. I guess there will never be an end to people who take offense to art and try to punish an artist.

I have never been much of a portrait painter. On my lunch break I managed to sketch this out. I thought about the funny things that Charlie Hedbo did with their cartoons. But I don't feel like this is funny. I feel sad. I also feel like religion has become the scourge of this new century we are living in. In the year 2015 people are still being slaughtered because of religion.
So here's my part in solidarity with my fellow artists slain in another country. Their families are in my thoughts.
You can't kill an idea, the pen will always be mightier than the sword.


  1. Careful or you may wind up on some would-be jihadi's list. For a religion of supposed peace, there are an awful lot of radical Muslims running around. Of course, major Western corporations and/or governments meddling in Islamic nations' internal affairs help keep the pot stirred up.

  2. Mr. Ornery, I find it strange people buy guns, they don't seem to be afraid, but make a sketch and you should be careful? We have all these rights, but are we really free?