Sunday, January 11, 2015


Well, I can kind of guess what will happen as a result of the massacre at Charlie Hedbo. After reading a New York Times article, this part really interested me;
"Mr. Holder announced that the White House would convene an international forum on Feb.18 to discuss new means of countering terrorism"
What this has meant in the past is The Patriot Act. This situation will probably cause more surveillance, more military spending, more of everything we don't need. Somehow governments haven't got the memo. There are people in the world who are going to do bad things and you will never be able to control that. How is it that the "terrorists" responsible for the atrocity in Paris were identified as such, were able to travel, were on a watch list, everything put in place to stop this sort of thing from happening failed, it failed because it obviously doesn't work. It's an excuse to put more infrastructure in place on law abiding people. Anyone up to no good will always be able to figure out a way to fade and evade the system. People, in general, won't look closely at where these men came from "The three men were all members of the same Paris jihadist cell that a decade ago sent young French volunteers to Iraq to fight U.S. forces."
Paris gunman was from same jihadist cell as Hebdo suspects: police | Reuters
War + Petrodollars= Angry People

Yeah, about that war in Iraq, spreading democracy all around the world. The article in Reuters doesn't say we need to be spreading good will instead of war, because that's not very profitable. No one I know is even talking about this situation, firstly because most Americans don't pay attention to other countries. There may as well not be other countries. I only know of one person, other than myself who owns a passport.
There was an estimated one million people who went on a "unity march" good for them, but exactly what will that change I wonder? Maybe that wasn't the point, but you would think some action would be demanded by the people.
In America, more people died in the Sandy Hook massacre and well, just can't do anything about it, because that would send gun nuts and manufacturers into the stratosphere, however something happens in Paris and the President is going to host some international forum, whatever. Wonder what corporation is salivating at the thought of profiting from some defense, Homeland Security, surveillance contract? Probably the one that told President Obama it would be a great idea to have an international forum and brainstorm the next fix-it
scheme so "terrorists" would think twice before, shooting up say, Sony Corporation for the awful movies they produce. Seriously, that's the take away I have from all this. Because we aren't going to address exactly why and how this sorry situation went down. We need a New Cold War, we have to have an enemy. We need to keep the sheeple frightened and under control. What we need is an anti-movement. Sort of like the Dada movement in art. Which came out of the horror of World War I. I think it should be called the Anti-Intelligence movement. First of all I don't see many signs of intelligence, second, intelligence agencies own the bureaucrats and we should be resisting them at all costs. This is where the attention should be. We should be rejecting any more influence of the NSA, CIA, scrap the whole thing and use that money for something radical like free college for all! Obama calls for 'free and universal' community college | Al Jazeera America
Hey, President Obama, why a meager two years? Why don't you really blow my mind and go for four years, then maybe compromise on two, like your always doing. This is another empty gesture that will go nowhere, just like universal healthcare. Thanks for that but how about you end the drone strikes and call for Universal Peace? I know, how about an international forum about peace or hunger or something productive?
Yeah I know, what am I thinking? I should be anti-thinking!
Yes, it's art!


  1. Look at the date. That urinal is almost a century old!

  2. Yeah! that's when the dada movement was born!

  3. I only know of one person, other than myself who owns a passport.

    That is truly scary.

    In America, more people died in the Sandy Hook massacre and well, just can't do anything about it

    That same thought ran through my head... three "Al Qaeda trained terrorists" couldn't match the lethality of a messed-up American kid.

    As far as anti-intelligence goes, I think it's already here- there is so much "noise to signal" that the security apparatus is nothing but a boondoggle. I think the security industrial complex is primarily about sucking up huge amounts of money- the repression is a distant second.

  4. Bad, it IS scary. But the price of a passport is $150, now. My first cost about $30. I know very few people who have been to another country. They think about nothing but Walmart and McDonalds. You are right about the SIC, it's the contracts that are handed out worth millions, while we cut the food stamp program to the bone. We know what happened the last time someone told their people to just go ahead and eat cake.

  5. Speaking of Dadaism, where is Abby Hoffman now that e need him?

    The New York Crank