Sunday, February 15, 2015

Collateral Damage

This is the Levant Region of the Middle East. This region includes Syria, Egypt, Cypress, Israel, Palestine, Jordan Turkey, this was the land known as Canaan. Evidence for the earliest domestication of the dog started here. The first agriculture, started here, domestication of farm animals began here. In 6000 BC, this area experienced a climate crises of severe cooling then 2,000 years of  warming.
The first conflict in this region appears when it was known as Sumeria, then Ramses III came along & The Crusades.
In art history we study this as where civilization and art began, I can't imagine how much of it is lost now. I studied the Ziggurats in Iraq, cuneiform tablets from Syria, The Valley Of The Kings in Egypt. I may understand a bit more about the Middle East than the average person, I had  a very progressive class about the colonialization of the Middle East and the effect it has had on the people there, which has had a direct effect on the conflict we are dealing with now. Conflict that is getting worse with dire consequences for the millions of victims and refugees in that area.
 President Obama made a formal request for a continuation of the War Powers Act. The U.S. has just made a deal to resupply Jordan with arms and "increase its assistance from $660 million to $1 billion per year for 2015-2017." Then there's the confusing invitaion, John Boehner has invited Israel's Prime Minister to address Congress here.
Most people in this country are not real cognizant of where Jordan is or what's going on in Syria and why. They are overwhelmed just trying to take care of themselves. Who can even blame them when you don't hear anyone talking about this; 5 facts that show half of America is seriously struggling -
While profit will surely be made by defense contractors, who's lobbies will be enriching Lindsey Graham or John McCain. Stabilizing the Middle East will provide more opportunities to co-modify it  by the banks.
It may be necessary to try and contain a mess we created in the Middle East with our unnecessary wars, but why is there never any outcry to help our own people other than maybe Bernie Saunders and Elizabeth Warren?
That is no accident. They just don't care.While the rest of America languishes and fails to thrive, we pump billions into our governments follies and no one is accountable. I am not saying we should not help Jordan, but what I am saying is why isn't there the same sense of urgency to correct the problems everyday Americans face in this country?


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