Sunday, July 19, 2015

Feel The Bern

I have listened to more than a few people tell me they want to vote for Donald Trump. I doubt they will get the chance, The choice will be Hillary or Jeb, that is, the illusion of choice I mean. Bernie will become coopted and probably embrace Hillary. It's pretty obvious that hope and change never happened and it's not going to. If anyone actually believes in the American political system, they aren't paying attention. I thought Greece was a very good example of a place where Democracy was born, they voted in a referendum against austerity and their leaders turn around and give them more austerity.
Bernie Saunders had 11,000 people at his rally in Arizona yesterday, but all the reporting I read is, Trump putting down McCain, because Trump doesn't think he's a war hero, also Bill Cosby's deposition. He drugged women and raped them. I wish Hillary or Jeb would hand out Quaaludes before they rape us.
 How is it that all we are offered are dynasties or clowns?
Because it's a joke.
The only thing keeping the political system from collapsing is Koch brothers money and the corrupt politicians thriving while doing nothing, cycling in and out of office to lobbies to corporations and back. The people in this country hate congress, they have turned their back on a political system that works for the 1% and the status quo. This is why people like Donald Trump or Bernie Saunders, But in the end I doubt that people will be voting for them. Will Bernie even get to debate anyone? Will Trump? He can't just fire his opponent.
At this point, Bernie Sanders seems to be getting a lot of traction, but so is Donald Trump, I guess this is a good example of this country being a nation of extremes. I can't imagine what the world must think of this country with a blowhard like Donald Trump as a Republican front man, I doubt that either Trump or Bernie will be on any ballot in 2016.


  1. Sanders may be an extremist, i.e. outside of the mainstream, but at least he's thoughtful and well-informed. Trump is neither.

    1. I don't think Bernie is an extremist, or maybe he is the way people viewed FDR? What troubles me is that no one can distinguish between communism and the socialism Bernie is in favor of, it reminds me of how people call Obama a Muslim. Bernie is great, but he will never get elected our 1% masters want us to THINK we have a choice, but their choice will never be Bernie. Witness the platform Obama was elected on and what actually happened. IF Bernie sis get elected, the same thing would happen,

  2. You are so ahead of most of our population, P. You've put it all together.

    Keep reporting, girl.

    We'll wake them up or die trying, won't we?

    1. They will only wake up if they have the will to do so. We will keep going or die trying. The really crazy part is the propaganda they all swallow as truth. That' why I threw away my TV years ago. It's nothing but marketing and propaganda and nothing close to truth. Thanks for the compliment, power to the people.