Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Welcome To The Amerikan Gulag Comrade

This is what has been happening in my country. Home of the "FREE". You won't read this in the New York Times;
Thousands jailed. I am talking, THOUSANDS!
 In an American gulag and it sickens me. 82% percent are Black, yeah I said it!
Held in this disgusting "warehouse" Logic defies me at this point. How is it that thousands of my COUNTRYMEN are held in a place, where they just disappear?  But hey, Donald Trump and Chris Christie will debate. Guess what? This is only ONE! ONE of these horrendous places, when was the last time you ever heard about a place like that?
Round 'em up and just send them to a place where no one knows where they are. Due process?  When will we say enough is enough? I am so angry about this, I can hardly type. It feels like Nazi Germany. only we don't need yellow stars or pink ones, for the Jews (my late husband was one) or the gypsies or artists, (that would be me)  No, persecute black people, brown people, put them in "secret facilities" I have tried, but I found no American publication that reported this,
Where is  the outrage?
They are all watching Fox News, I am disgusted. Propaganda rules.

Just wait till they come after the old and sick, oh, hold on, Wake up White People, you're next. There is no  doubt, we are living with Fascism.

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