Monday, September 21, 2015

Chinese Puzzle

There's so much hype over the Pope. Now he's in Cuba and soon he'll be here! That's not what I'm looking at, I'm looking at Xi JinPing's visit. While everyone's hoping for the sight of a white pointy hat, I'll be watching what the White House will do and so far, we've really screwed up when it comes to China. 
The FBI arrested a Temple University professor, for espionage,
Whoops! Looks like the FBI made a mistake and that professor has been released.
 Then there's the Obama "Asian pivot" an excuse for "The Pacific theater of U.S. military operations to maintain the balance of power. "It is expected that when the 'rebalancing' or 'pivot' of forces from the Atlantic to the Pacific is complete, 60 percent of the U.S. Navy will be based in the Pacific"\
Let's be clear, the Pentagon, the State Department and all those military contractors need friction with China.So it doesn't surprise me when there's a lot of huffing and puffing about Chinese hacking. We need an excuse to treat China poorly. Somehow I don't think the Wall Street big banks want that.They want access to China's markets, and if Jinping is smart
he'll keep them out.Just like Obama's exclusion of the Chinese in his horrendous TPP deal he wants to ram down America's throat and everyone else who's nutty enough to enter into the negotiations.
The real story I think, will be the corporations that the Chinese President will be meeting with in Washington State. Jinping will probably be more successful with IBM and Amazon, Apple, also they love our cars for some reason, so GM will be there. According to what I've read our CEO's like investing in China, they don't want any of Obama's sanction threats pissing China off.
I'm thinking that Xi Jinping's visit to Seattle will be the real deal and then there will be a State dinner for Xi Jinping, in Washington D.C. Just think how cool it would be if they used Chinese finger traps at the State Dinner as favors!
 Some people are angry that the exact same effort made for the head of The People's Republic of China, has not been made for the Pope. It seems that people don't understand that the leader of a country is different than the leader of a religion. Shocking, that it could happen here in America! Just wait till the Pope meets transgender activists and a gay Episcopal priest, also a nun who has criticized the Pope on abortion issues. Hopefully this chill Pope will just want
to hang out with a glass of wine. It's going to be an exciting week, something for everyone!  

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