Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Matter Of Time

Once upon a time, there was a war, this war used a lot of fuel, there was a lot less for the people, so, it was decided to utilize Daylight Savings Time and people wouldn't need as much fuel. When the war was over, Daylight Savings Time ended, the people rejoiced, their clocks could stay the same forever! Sadly, there was another war and another shortage of fuel, another Daylight Savings Time was reinstated. When the war was over, there was no more Daylight Savings Time, unless a state felt like keeping it.
In 1966 the government mandated Daylight Savings Time for everyone, so all around the country there would be a standard uniform time. Because they had extended light at the end of the day the people could shop and go to Home Depot and spend money because more light means more consumers consuming.
Daylight Savings Time started as a way to save energy, even thought there is no evidence that this is so. However, the Chamber of Commerce says sales go up, so Daylight Savings Time must go on! Despite the fact that nobody gives a crap about it and now they have to go all around the house changing the alarm clocks and digital appliance clocks and the coffee maker clock. The Chamber of Commerce has their people do this for them, therefore, they aren't bothered by the inconvenience. If they like Daylight Savings Time so much, why don't they make it permanent?
One reason is little Johnny and Jane would have to walk to the bus stop in the dark. Because schools start at an hour when most children would probably just be waking up. The horrendous early hours school system is not conducive to learning, but is conducive if you like tired children at school laying their heads down on their desk and sleeping, because it's too damn early to be at school. But I digress.
The other reason? An act by Congress, not much hope there, since they all take money from the Chamber of Commerce lobby. We the people, don't get any money from the Chamber of Commerce lobby, so what people want doesn't matter and we just have to go along with nonsensical, illogical rules like changing our clocks when you don't want to, after having been convinced that it's for the peoples good because they are saving so much energy. Which is all a sham, so the people will be busy changing all the clocks, sometimes people miss one and don't discover it for a day or two. No one at work has time to change the clocks so they will be off too. For some reason or other, some clocks won't be changed and people may see a clock while driving around, that hasn't been changed, maybe at the local Chamber of Commerce. One day, maybe the clocks won't have to be changed and it will always be Daylight Savings Time and the people will all live happily ever after. As long as there's daylight, people will spend even  money on cheap crap from China, they buy at Walmart, all is right with the world, no matter what time it is.

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  1. Okay, I'm not a morning person so I'm writing this with a bias. But even so...
    So far as I'm concerned, the later we have daylight the better. Kids going to school in the dark? Just start school an hour later.
    Let's have year round Daylight Savings Time.

    Yours crankily,
    The New York Crank