Sunday, January 24, 2016

Water, Water, Everywhere

 I live across the bay from Atlantic City. We got hit pretty hard with the blizzard, as you can see by the snow. The sunlight on the water was dazzling, When I was looking at that skyline I sat and wondered,
four casinos have closed in the last 2 years. Throwing so many people out of work and the rumors of bankruptcy of the town my grandparents met in, seems surreal.
There were people, hired as emergency management consultants for Atlantic City, the same people who designed the Detroit bankruptcy. Governor Rick Snyder chose and Governor Chris Christie decided to go with them too. Chris Christie also campaigned for Governor Rick Snyder, helping him get re-elected.
Mr. Orr has since gone on to Washington, after issuing a report saying that Atlantic City needs to make over $130 million in budget cuts. There was a meeting the night before the blizzard hit in A.C, the mayor threatened to file for bankruptcy. Everyone knows, no such thing will happen, not until Christie's presidential run is over. He will not do a thing about Atlantic City, it's not in his interests. But what has me worried is there could be a takeover, by the state emergency managers, like in Flint, Michigan. This is what Mr. Sweeney wants. Whatever either of these politicians want, I wonder what will happen to Atlantic City? If Flint, Michigan is any example, then the citizens of Atlantic City could very well be in trouble. Anyone who knows about Atlantic City, knows about the poverty there. Much like the poverty in Detroit or Flint. The emergency managers in Flint imposed a lot of cost cutting, in order to get cheaper water, well we all know what happened. Now the people of Flint will be living with the consequences of choices that were made for them. New Jersey and Atlantic City are no strangers to bad water;

Likely carcinogen exceeded safety limit in 12 systems

Maybe Atlantic City has been able to stave off bankruptcy so far and probably will be able to for as long as Christie is running all over the U.S. and out of Jersey, dreaming of being President, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. However, something ugly is on the horizon, that dirty snow will melt away, but I am sure there will be some dirty deeds done.

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  1. Nothing like Republican governance for destroying a community of any size- city, state... hell, Dubya almost brought down the country.