Monday, April 11, 2016


It started to surface on Facebook that 300+ demonstrators from #Democracy Spring were arrested in Washington D.C. today. The guys from The Young Turks were among them. Cent Uyger was actually kicked off a flight, 2 days ago, because the airline captain wasn't "comfortable" after Cent complained, along with pother passengers about a 4 hour delay, read here. He's had a crazy couple of days!
As of yet, The New York Times, "breaking news" has posted zilch about this demonstration, nor The Washington Post. #Democracy Spring is protesting against corruption and inequality. They have a lot of powerful organizations behind them and celebrities like Mark Ruffalo Larry Lessig gave the kick off speech for the demonstration.
Here's a link for RT;
or just click her
I am hopeful things are going to change. I also hope that everyone who was arrested gets out fast and no one was hurt.


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