Saturday, April 2, 2016

Some Kind Of Punishment

It's getting to the point where I don't even want to read the news anymore. Things have become so bizarre. Chris Matthews had an interview with Trump and of course, we need  "some form of punishment for the woman" Women should be punished for getting a legal medical procedure, but people for some reason talk, act or want to believe that abortion is illegal when it's not, it's like a weird fantasy, now, everything's ok, because Donald Trump was probably informed by

someone on his staff that the laws "were set." My response to Trump and to Chris Matthews for suggesting such a thing, is haven't we been punished enough? We aren't paid as much as men, we suffer  more violence at the hands of men, but there's never enough punishment for women.
Hillary Clinton should be heaving a big sigh of relief, since the FBI has told the State Department to put their internal review on hold, so the FBI could do it's work, whatever that is.
Bernie Sanders had a bird land on his podium in Oregon and it's a sign! It's a mystical oracle telling everyone to feel the Bern!
Americans want change, however, we voted for that before and nothing changed, If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, then voting is just crazy.
Whomever gets elected doesn't matter, the shadow government will go on and the corporate piratocracy always wins. A lot of people know intuitively something is very wrong and almost everyone I know under 40 aren't going to be voting. People over 40. well they like Trump, because "he's not a politician" So many of these people feel betrayed or left behind or both, the system is that broken. We have been taken over by a war based economy and the result has been riches for defense contractors, while everyone else has been left in the dust and that's probably radioactive or full of Round Up. Both parties are corrupt, they change the voting laws and the debate rules, neither of them want Trump to win, because they won't be able to control him. He can't even control what comes our of his mouth, but this dude is like teflon, nothing seems to matter, the mainstream media is horrified and fascinated by him, but the general public just laughs at what he says. Congress has a 14% approval rate, it's obvious they just don't care and won't do anything to improve their job performance. Trump, if he's elected may be like a hostile takeover. Watch what Susan Sarandon says about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton;
Hillary Clinton is like Republican Lite, if that, while I really do like what Bernie Sanders says, it's so reminiscent of President Obama and all those promises back in 2008. Read what Chris Hedges has to say about Bernie Sanders, if he's elected he will be co-opted by the Democratic Party and rendered ineffective, because neither of these parties want change, the system is rigged by superdelegates. You can vote however you want, but we have already seen in state after state where superdelegates minds are made up and they won't be voting for Bernie Sanders. This is the system that's been foisted upon Americans with shady manipulations by everyone from Congress to corporations, lobbyists and the Pentagon. Talk about punishment, there's just no end in sight. As long as this system is in place, there's no point in believing in change or making America great again. It's going to be more punishment for Americans, men and women, white, black, red and yellow. The system is both broken and rigged, it's both a crime and punishment.
For your reading pleasure, Ron Paul just blogged this;
Trump, Not An Outsider, credit, Ron Paul


  1. You must not have the right circle of friends. I'm over 50 as is my sister and we are voting Democrat. I have several friends that plan to vote the same way (and yes, I know some that will vote Republican and like Trump).

    I get the feeling from your writings that you feel that things should just magically 'poof' change with the wave of a presidential hand over night. That will never happen, but there can be incremental changes. I thought Obama did some changing for the right direction, and if we could continue on in that direction, it would be good as well. Did he do all his promises? No. But I don't have any grandiose hopes for whoever is elected president, the world has grown even more complex, and it has always had its problems if you look at history.

  2. You are right, I am in a very conservative Republican section of New Jersey. and they hate Chris Christie, it's so Bipolar! I try not to depend on "magical" thinking. I like logic. but I find very little of tat going on in politics and maybe it never has. History has a way of repeating itself. I wonder if Trump will really be the nominee, that can only be a good thing for the Democrats.