Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Panama Papers and the Precariot

Golly, I think there might be a bit of fallout from the Panama Papers. the Prime Minister of Iceland resigned. Icelanders are so badass, they arrested the bankers during the 2008 crises. They don't take any crap. There was a giant protest, massive amounts of people. I guess they don't use pepper spray on their citizens, anything like that happens in this country, it's pepper spray or getting shot.
Now Putin's coming out and saying  that the Panama Papers are an attempt to destabilize Russia, doesn't surprise me. A little digging around told me that this Consortium of International Journalists are funded by; The Ford Foundation, Carnegie Endowment, Rockefeller Family, read here.
Now what we have is blowback, because what was glaringly obvious to me from the get go was, where were all the American 1 percenters? They are hiding their money too. But no, the finger points at all the other convenient targets, Russia, Iran, Syria. C'mon how naive can you be if you believe it's all them and there's nobody in America using these techniques?
It's sad the explaining I do, if someone actually mentions the Panama Papers and believe it or not, I am the go-to for many people where I work about politics and these sort of scandals. They need to turn off the TV. You won't find any truth on there.
What the Panama Papers has done is launch criminal probes in the international community. It's known that the US is a tax haven, Nevada is one such state that provides these services. So ironic considering we went after Switzerland, but we do it too! With our economic problems and a dollar built on petroleum, which bottomed out back in February, who'd be crazy enough to hide their money here?
So now the Treasury Department, intends to issue a long delayed regulation, long delayed? I wonder why? They will send it along to the White House to look at and after warning every higher up in the Pentagon or Congress or the Senate and lobbyists, to get their money and stash it somewhere else, if they haven't already done it. It will be another Mission Accomplished for millionaires and billionaires, while social programs continue to disintegrate along with our roads and bridges, because we're broke.
I guess the Panama Papers have done a great job of waking people up to the offshore menace of shell companies. I just wish we could go Viking on the corruption in this country the way Iceland did in theirs. Sadly, Americans are too busy working 2 or 3 jobs, and are too exhausted to do anything. Keeping people poor, ignorant and in a constant state of stress, is nothing new
                                                                   Sound familiar?

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