Wednesday, May 4, 2016

“Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.” Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

Over the weekend I was having dinner with a friend, he was streaming Ted Cruz making some kind of speech on CNN, it really sounded like he was preaching in a church. It was creepy and really not appropriate, I thought, for a political rally. Separation of church and state, right? Then there was the whole Carly Fiorina song;
First of all I thought it was strange that Ted Cruz, who wasn't even in the lead was already choosing a running mate, never mind that she's as batshit crazy as he is. The song kind of cemented the whole deal for me. I am so glad I don't have TV anymore, I can't imagine being bombarded daily with as much nonsense that the MSM can bring on.
Donald Trumps win in Indiana is plastered all over every paper you can read, pundits are proclaiming it's all over for Bernie Sanders, even though he beat Clinton in Indiana. He can't possibly win, say's everyone, so you better just take your medicine and vote for Clinton.
 Kasich is bailing too. When the entire thing started there were 17 candidates, 17! Not one of them seemed to be dealing with the kind of reality most people are wrestling with on a daily basis. They don't care.
The GOP has lost it, if it ever had "it."  What are they going to do at the RNC in Ohio in June? I am guessing they will eat crow and cheerlead for Donald Trump, It's what the TV has been ramming down peoples throats for a year now, like Hillary Clinton. Every opportunity to sideline Bernie Sanders, even after last nights victory, means it's more Trump or Hillary. That's what's being served by media owners.
Never has there been more need for a third party. This false choice between two millionaires is not a choice.
This political system is spawning monsters and is a stitched up dysfunctional employment program for rich men, bribed by corporate interests and lobbies. This nightmare of an election is based on fear and fairy tales. But we continue to think well, this is the only way it can be done so it's just a continued status quo platform, that hasn't worked in decades. This archaic system based on the founding fathers centuries ago, needs to go. The pursuit of happiness is meaningless in a society that allows this political puppetry to distract us from trying to solve real problems. Beware, the fearless and powerful.

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