Monday, May 2, 2016


While President Obama had his last correspondents dinner and Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump,Ted Cruz are battling it out for Indiana votes, I was pretty amazed to see 5,000 Iraqi protesters demonstrating and overtaking their Parliament, they are sick of the corruption and want reforms.
After over a decade of "bringing Democracy" to Iraq, this is the fallout. They didn't get democracy, they got the same rotten, corrupt system we have in this country. I bet they are really angry and who can blame them? Where are the people responsible for this "mission accomplished"?
All you hear are crickets. It's almost like the war in Iraq never happened, unless you're Chelsea Manning.
Meanwhile, President Obama said he will be sending  more special forces to Syria, which I guess is supposed to be better than regular forces? While all this is going on, the U.S. had a "reconnaissance" plane, intercepted for turning off it's transponder (I'm sure it was an accident) and flying too close to Russia's borders. What in the f#$k are we doing? ( the 9/11 terrorists turned off the highjacked planes transponders)
In other bad news, the ongoing financial problems in Puerto Rico means it is probably going to have to go bankrupt, since our congress has failed to act on any legislation to bail it out. Atlantic City is also on the verge of bankruptcy. Everyone can go bankrupt, except of course the banks, I am sick of bailouts too, but we have money for more war in Syria and to try and piss off Putin.Seriously, we spend trillions on this war machine, however, the Pentagon has some issues over not being able to account for billions of dollars and is supposed to be audit ready in 2017 and will not be able to reach it's target date. Shocker!
America has a middle class that has been swept away and this country has a poverty population that is getting more desperate. Is it any wonder that Trump and Bernie Sanders are so popular? Hillary Clinton is just more of the same war fueled establishment trying to prop up the petrodollar even though oil has tanked. The only reason she is where she is, are the amount of Superdelegates that the DNC controls, they do not want Bernie Sanders to win.
 President Obama went to the UK to lecture Britain on the EU exit they will vote on. Seriously? Who in the hell is going to listen to someone that doesn't even live in their country? Why are we  everyone's big brother? We have caused catastrophe after catastrophe everywhere we interfere, we have so many problems in our own country, including a healthcare situation that STILL hasn't been fixed since Obamacare. Then Obama tells Britain, "you will have to go in the back of the queue to negotiate?" Well isn't that where almost every American is with healthcare and minimum wage? You can  step right up to the front for your next daily mass shooting, no waiting necessary, one will be along any minute. It's ludicrous and bewildering. I can't believe anyone in the world still takes us seriously, when we have so many problems that our politicians refuse to deal with here. Everyone's just supposed to take our word for it, that we know best? I hope they don't.


  1. I have a sneaking suspicion that Puerto Rico won't go bankrupt because, if they do, a lot of hedge funds that hold their sons will be left holding worthless paper. Hedge funds have congressmen to take care of matters like that. Watch for a last minute save in Congress, or a deal that stretches out the debt for another 20 years leaving nobody happy, but nobody busted, either.

    Yours crankily,
    The New York Crank

  2. That should have been "hedge funds that hold their bonds." I don't know who's holding their sons. Sorry about that. Sorry sorry sorry.
    Still crankily,
    The New York Crank