Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Clinton Coronation

It's ok folks, nothing to see here, Hillary won, so everyone can just go home. Just do what you're told and there won't be any trouble. The media has decided the election is over. This is what we are being spoonfed, we saw it in Nevada, we saw it in Iowa. Superdelegates have decided, even though no Superdelegates have voted yet, the American voter, doesn't decide.
Your choice is Hillary or Trump, what kind of choice is that?. What's the difference between these two that travel in the same circles and use the same tax haven loopholes
Superdelegates do not vote until July 25th. Will Hillary be under indictment by then? How many Bernie supporters will actually vote for Hillary? Not that it matters. These young voters wanted to see genuine change, I am not sure Bernie could have followed through with that, but they damn sure know they won't get it with Hillary. There is nothing "democratic" about the Democrat Party, the Superdelegates will finally make good on their devils bargain and vote for Clinton. Chris Hedges is already calling to shut down the convention in Philadelphia, my home town. I fear that there is going to be a lot of unrest when the people who thought they would get some kind of fair election will see the Clinton coronation. Chris Hedges explains how much the cost is to attend the convention, while the "little people" can just dodge the cops or stay home, it's not for us, it's for "them" and don't try and tell me Trump isn't one of "them" either. I wonder if the Democratic Party isn't making a big mistake, I don't know anyone who wanted to vote for Hillary, but I know plenty who will vote for Trump, now I wonder how many will vote for Trump since they can't stomach Hillary, the candidate who has been shoved down our throats.
                                                  Here's your choice!
Photo by The Hill

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