Thursday, June 23, 2016

Packing Heat

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So this is happening, and I doubt anything is going to change. Change? That's a bunch of promises that never seems to happen. It's not supposed to happen. This is a lot of theater. There's not going to be any meaningful change. But it sure makes for a great photo opportunity. America's corporate takeover is not only accepted, it's been approved at every level. The NRA is in charge. We are a nation created by violence and genocide. We don't acknowledge that, however, Native Americans live with the consequences every day.
Now we are a nation that's imploding. The U.S. is so corrupt, so riddled with dysfunction that the shooter in Orlando was interviewed by the FBI and worked for a global corporate "mercenary firm" as a security guard, but they didn't bother with a background check and the FBI gave up investigating him. Ask yourself why? Ask why, we have all this spying on our phone calls and text messages if they can't stop these kinds of events?
Donald Trump said "wouldn't it have been beautiful" if one of the clubgoers that night had a gun and started a shoot out. Trained police officers were told not to do anything but hold their position because in all that chaos, they couldn't figure out what was going on. So I guess that means we go back to having the bartender keeping a weapon under the bar, like the good old days. I would really like to know what has changed? Gun violence probably hasn't changed much since the Wild West. In America 297 people are shot a day.
With this amount of carnage the question that needs to be asked; why nothing is done about it? Our leaders are hypocrites and murderers. They start wars based on lies, then turn around and endorse a clown like Donald Trump, but really, what's the difference between him and George Bush? The other candidate being rammed down our throat; Hillary, has as much blood on her hands as anyone else, colluding with, and taking money from Saudi royals. Now, if you still think that voting is some kind of choice, have fun with that. These people are all for Wall Street, it's a joke.
Ask yourself why, this is what we are offered, these corrupt people? These people won't change anything. They are a part of the system and part of the problem. They are meant to continue the status quo. Ask yourself who benefits from keeping things in this country the same? Here's a hint; it ain't you and me! So if you like to vote for corporations, keep voting. For all I know that's the next place someone's going to show up and start shooting, at the polling place. Of course, it already happened back in 2013, someone showed up with a gun in a polling place. Lucky for me, I'll be far away from a voting booth when this joke of an election goes down.

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