Friday, June 3, 2016

War; The Next Unemployment Program

I have been blogging for a long time about the "recovery" now it seems like the news is catching up with me, since the economy only added 38,000 jobs last month and March and Aprils numbers have been "adjusted" as usual. We have been told that happy days are here again. Does anyone really still believe the happy talk coming from government sources? We have a big unemployment problem.
We have a big mouth who's running for president and you can take your pick whether that's Hillary or Trump, but it's what's going on behind the scenes that is scary.
Map of the future provided by US Army
We are building up in the Eastern bloc of Europe with missiles and troops in Estonia and Latvia. When times are tough, the tough go to war. We know about Hillary and donations she receives from defense contractors and arms deals she oversaw to the Saudi's who are financial backers of her Clinton Foundation employment program for her daughter and her son-in-law who was a Goldman Sachs hedge fund fail that regularly conducted all types of events and meetings with Goldman and The Clinton Foundation. It is ironic to me that she thinks Trump will take us to war, when she herself profits from defense contracts.
The economy's in the toilet and we are heading towards another cold or hot war with Russia. We are after the man who bombed the crap out of ISIS in Syria.
Think about the last time the US got involved in a war and won.
Since the beginning of the year and the slide of the price of oil, the US is in an energy industry collapse. Our dollar is a petrodollar. it is tied to the price of oil. Almost every war we have fought since WWII has been an oil campaign of some sort or another. (Vietnam War was a proxy war and our last war with an actual draft.)
Trumps finances are a mixed bag he's got holdings with Royal Dutch Shell and has stock in all the big banks including Goldman-Sachs. Trump has actually said we spend too much money on defense. Bernie Sanders is an outspoken critic of war, unless it's defense contracts in his state, "Vermont could lose a lot of jobs if the F-35 disappeared. Sanders persuaded the jet’s manufacturer to put a research center in Vermont and bring 18 jets to the state National Guard." 
Trump may say we spend too much on defense, but he may well get onto office and do nothing about it. Obama hasn't done anything about military spending. The lobbies and defense contractors strangle hold on elected officials seems unbreakable.
The Middle Class is "no longer in the majority" the poor are getting poorer and our real unemployment figures are closer to 23%
Still we are fed a diet of "recovery" and "it's coming back" and maybe it will, hopefully without another war.
 What will happen to all the high school and college graduates flooding the market this month? Most people are angrier about a child in a gorilla pit, than the damage that has been ongoing under their noses. If there is another bubble that breaks, lets say from the auto credit industry,  maybe the stock market crashes again?
Will the next president get handed another mess like the last one we've supposedly recovered from?

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