Friday, June 24, 2016

Who's Next?

I'd like to say congratulations, now you are out of the dreadful TTIP. The EU is so angry they want negotiations right now to Brexit you faster! First, they didn't want you to go, now they can't wait to kick you out!
I didn't write much about the Brexet referendum, except for when Obama made a jackass out of himself by telling you you're all going to have to go the back of the queue. He was really worried about himself and the TTIP. I read all the scaremongering and fearporn the politicians were pulling out of their asses. I saw Jeremy Corbyn and pull a switcheroo to remain (I thought he wasn't an EU fan), WTF?
It's just so damn predictable the way these elected officials act. Cameron resigned, but not until October, maybe he'll be able to pull off another referendum, in case they can scare you into believing you didn't really want to break up with the EU. Maybe the next Prime Minister will be Boris or some other flunky that will go along with whoever pays them the most to do what the EU wants. Stay far away from that unless you want a deal like Obama wants. A world wide corporate takeover. Hopefully this puts the brakes on the TTIP,
 I was surprised Cameron allowed a referendum in the first place, I guess he's never heard of blowback.
I am sure there's going to be a lot of scare tactics in the future, about how it was a big mistake.
The stock market dropped 600 points on this side of the pond and I could give a rats ass. Probably on Monday there will be more economic bad news but really, there was bad news anyway, you shook up the status quo and they couldn't keep the market under control anymore. I wonder, if the EU was such a great deal, if it had improved peoples lives so much, who would have voted to leave? Stay strong, you give me hope. You've been through a lot, take a break and go to the pub for a drink, you earned it!

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