Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ceiling Breaker Not A Change Maker

I was having some fun last night with this image of Hillary Clinton;
I was breaking this image down to explain what is going on here. When I saw this I thought about it for a long time. This is a very powerful image. None of it is random. Yes, I know, it's her breaking the glass ceiling, At least on the surface,
The first thing I noticed were those two glowing lights that looked like stars. It looks similar to a crown. The other thing is her use of the color red, We know the Chinese people revere the color
red, it is powerful to them. Red is a lucky color, red attracts wealth. If you think that only people in the US are watching these conventions you would be wrong. This is entertainment and I am sure people and leaders of other countries are having drinks and laughing at us, But I doubt they would laugh at this image.
Let's talk about the Egyptian Goddess Isis
 This Goddess represents the Mother Moon, faithfulness, love, inner beauty. I don''t know if this is what Hillary's consultants were going for, but ISIS is an archetype, she's like the original 'family values" Goddess, don't think for a minute, these people aren't aware that these archetypes exist in our subconscious. They know this. They use it to their advantage, that image of Hillary Clinton, disturbed me for a long time. When you look at when that screen explodes, that is a very aggressive, almost destructive symbology, It is a glass ceiling and it isn't. I immediately thought of the Goddess Kali, The Destroyer;
Take a good look at that necklace she's wearing, Did you see all those men on that glass ceiling? Think about it. Kali is the divine mother, she stands on her consort and he just lets her do whatever she wants. Sounds about right. She is the Goddess of time, creation, destruction and power. When I saw that screen "break" like that, this was the first thing I thought of, and yes Hillary probably already does have the power to destroy, like she destroyed Bernie Sanders campaign. I doubt Wasserman-Schultz came up with her plans in a vacuum. Hillary knew all about it and quite possible ordered it. She then elevated her cohort to an honorary chairperson. There were no consequences, She walks all over conventional rules and boundaries, destroying ethics and integrity, She does what she wants. I think it's funny no one worries about her getting the "nuclear codes" because I do.
What disturbed me the most about that image of Hillary, was the people that were standing below that screen where the holographic pieces were tumbling onto. I immediately thought, that is what happened to the people of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, everywhere our bombs go. She's telling you in that image that she might be a woman but don't think she can't make war like a man.
A lot of women are celebrating this historic moment, I am happy if women now feel they have a shot at being President, I just don't have any feelings about Hillary. We haven't had a lot of female leaders, we haven't had any in America, so you have to look at Margret Thatcher and what a treacherous woman she was, Indira Ghandi, Golda Meir, You could count them on one hand. That's why when we get a woman in an office like the President, ways of wielding power need to shift. We have a very violent country and we are seen as violent people. It needs to change and I think some feminine energy would benefit this country, I know the first thing I would do if I got in an office like that, I would make a giant works program to clean up this planet and if people wanted to go to other countries and help, I would pay for them to go there.
 I would make friends with every country we've been enemies with and create a Peace Foundation. Nato and the UN forget it, they have proven ineffective. Third thing is food insecurity. Every nation would be involved. Fourth is eliminate poverty first at home then everywhere. I would create a program called Poverty-Go. (lol)
I would have a Secretary of Art and we would have museums and galleries in every town. Also a Secretary of Music, with performers playing everywhere that people wanted to hear them, all government subsidized, so a starving artist would be a thing of the past. Starvation of any kind would be frowned on. Yeah, I mean no more starving models either, it's repulsive. We need to heal our sick culture with music and art, and books, there would be a Secretary of Books and Writing. This is just a start. Can you imagine the moaning and complaining about these ideas? Oh yeah, Pot would be legal nationally and I would shut down plastic and convert everything to hemp. I would shut down the banking industry, and every empty foreclosed home would be given back to the rightful owner, if they didn't want it, it would go to a homeless person, These are things, that I guarantee you won't see Hillary doing. She is not a visionary leader, Until we get someone thinking outside of the male dominated, aggressive, testosterone, adrenaline fueled paradigm I can guarantee that the "Change Maker" isn't going to change a thing.

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