Friday, July 29, 2016

Sleeping Bill

Yeah Bill, I know your feels. I couldn't deal with watching Hillary's rigged election speech either.
I just read it the next day. First I saw pictures of Chelsea and I am not sure who won the angelic daughter competition her or Ivanka?
Then there was the whole "stick it to the King" part of the speech, Oh, I get it Hillary, we all do. (did she really have to go there?)
One of the highlights was when she mentioned Franklin Delano Roosevelt. So revered by Bill Clinton, that he repealed The Banking Act if 1933 (known as Glass-Steagle) Roosevelt signed into law, to get the country back to recovery, where I've heard we are now! Happy Days are here again!
 Hillary also invoked a special Roosevelt platitude"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself"
I don't care what she says. What would Roosevelt have done if his chairperson of the DNC rigged the election and suppressed the delegates for the competition? There was plenty of controversy around good old "Feather Duster" Roosevelt's election, he couldn't get his own campaign manager a seat at the convention, even though he was the chairman of the states Democratic Party. It's a good thing they didn't have emails back then. I think his third term looked more like a power grab than his first and we would never have another President sitting for a third term since.
This is video of the Bernie Sanders delegates walking out 2 nights ago. Last night, I did see some video on  a Sanders delegate Facebook page where the delegates seats were "reserved" so delegates couldn't sit in them, from Facebook;
If you scroll down Edens page, you will find a lot of shade thrown on the Bernie delegates. There isn't much from last night on Youtube, but I saw plenty on Facebook.
I am not a Sanders supporter, I don't have a dog in this fight. But I do know this election was rigged.
What is truly shocking is all the fear, fear, fear, of Trump, when we already have someone who is running, also, by any means necessary. Whoever thinks, she seems more "sane" than Trump should think again. She's already out of control, accepting a nomination rigged in her favor. Here's the rest of her speech, if you can stomach it;
I can't spend a beautiful Friday on Hillary, you shouldn't either.


  1. You really gave me a laugh this morning Patricia reading your post, although I know it is not meant to be funny, it's just that when people are straight up and expose crap for what it really is, I get a laugh out of it. Oh, Hell NO, FDR or even a Republican like Ike Eisenhower, Jefferson, Kennedy, Reagan or a list would be outraged to see what our elections have turned into, it's a commercialized corporate freakshow at best if anything. Bill dozing off, no, I didnt see that one, maybe he was daydreaming because he couldnt wait for the balloon drop, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) . One of my daughters sent me a link to a balloon drop at the convention, where Bill was so happy and excited playing with the balloons on stage, I guess Hillary was happy too, at least Bill isnt playing with her staff members, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... she better keep a chain though on his ass if she wins the Oval Office ... ole Bill may take a walk down memory lane and get horny thinking of the old dayz {:-) But it's a relief to read some frank opinions on the Clinton's, all I hear, view and read in MSM's is relentless ass kissing of the Clinton's ... and of course how "EVIL" Donald is ... it's insane, actually, I dont find Donald scary at all, I do have concerns though over the republican agenda and their wanting to do things like privatizing Social Security, Post Office, etc ... but some Democrats also want to as well. This country needs a strong new party with a blueprint for REAL progressive much needed change, and of course, I believe it will come ... in time.

    BTW, I was checking out your art pieces on the Bootstrap link, you really are an artist too! ... some beautiful pieces Patricia! ... for real, I cant draw a damn thing. My mom though years back said I drew a large picture of "Popeye", like in 1st grade and won some award for it ... oddly I dont remember it at all, I can assure you, I havent drawn a damn thing though since, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-)

  2. Funny thing, when my daughter sent me a link saying ... "Hey dad, check out Bill Clinton playing with Balloons", I told her when I first read that, I though it was about condoms Bill was playing with since I didnt watch the convention, my daughter busted out laughinmg and said ... that would be about right {:-)

  3. Ranch, it was TOTALLY meant to be funny. I am glad you got my jokes. I am renowned all over the Jersey Shore for my sense of humor. Lol, Bill and condom balloons, of course! Just so you know, I doubt Slick Willie's horny days are over, Viagra and all. He's been known to hang out with a very shady dude who's being convicted for sex trafficking underage girls.
    Sleeping Bill may have been tired for other reasons. If Hillary gets elected I have an idea for another blog about Hillary keeping a "honey do" list trying to keep him on the other end of the White House away from the sexy new interns. Although their is a rumor that Hillary is into that. I don't think that's fair since women in power are often accused of outlandish things, but that would explain a lot. Anything Progressive, will be put down just like Bernie and it's gonna take pitchforks and torches.Until then, I am going to keep making fun of The Clinton Dynasty or Trump or whoever gets in my line of fire. Your daughter has a good sense of humor. Must take after her Dad.

  4. Good to hear about your humour Patricia, I cant help myself, I just naturally start laughing when I look at some of the horseshit that's pulled on us, and especially what we suck up so gullibly. Yep, thanx for the link, but I already knew a bit about the Epstein character and ole Bill, what's that ole sayin? ... birds of a feather flock together?

    Speaking of Clinton and Trump though, It almost doesnt seem like Trump wants to be President, eh? ... he talking all this stuff and putting on a really great show, but with all the money that is in politics today, all this could be show just to get Clinton elected, simply orchestrated by big money interests ... basically a high scale con- job.

  5. I said I knew about Epstein and Clinton, but no, I never seen the article you linked saying that there were 26 visits by Bill. 26 over 36 months? ... a little over a month apart I guess.

  6. Wouldn't it be interesting if Trump really didn't want the job? Maybe, like most psychopaths, he doesn't plan anything and lives on the fly. Look at all his bankruptcies, he's not a strategist, there's never been real consequences for his actions. He just rolls from one situation to the next. Psychopaths don't care about anything or anyone. If he loses, he wins! He'll get paid big money for speaking engagements and a book deal... it's a win-win, a psychopaths dream come true! You could be right and he's nothing but a Psyop to scare people into voting for Warhawk Hillary.

  7. There is already proof that Trump and Bill Clinton were talking and Bill encouraging him to run to shake up the Republican Party. I also question if Trump wants to be President, think about it Patricia ... Trump is used to his private jet runs, leisure office and home surroundings, hustling and being in the think of the deal and having celebrity pop culture status, etc ... this is probably why he said that his VP pick Pence, will be a very hard working strong VP, because Trump will make him do everything. How would Trump feel be boxed up in the White House?, and under 24/ 7 lock and key ... being so accustomed for decades of doing his own thing and the freedom that he has.

  8. I meant to say, the conversations between Trump and Bill were a few weeks before Trump started running.