Friday, July 22, 2016

"Stranger Things", The RNC And Cha Chi; "The Boy Who Drank too Much"

I really really wanted to watch the Republican National Convention. All the pageantry, patriotism and smart discourse from respected and respectable leaders. Just thinking about the policy debates and intelligent ideas on foreign policy and the economy, made me want to call Comcast and get a contract for a bundle costing as much as a monthly car payment. Just knowing the governor from my own home state of New Jersey, a place he's always too be busy to be, was almost enough to seal the deal. Until I found out there was going to be an installation fee for cable that was already installed, it's just my luck. I couldn't justify that outlay of cash. I couldn't make cable great again. Sigh.
Just thinking about all the single available men that would be attending the RNC, might have been enough to make me jump in my car and take a road trip to Cleveland, until I found out Craigs List Cleveland was exploding with M4M hook up ads requesting escorts and or "company." Why can't a girl ever catch a break? Oh well, nothings better than cozying up with my tablet, hopefully catching someone's livestream. There were plenty of opportunities for the lunacy.
In between streaming "Stranger Things" and the RNC, I am not sure which monster was scarier! "Stranger Things" has a monster in it that can *SPOILER ALERT* grab kids, or anyone I guess and take them into another dimension where it's very hard for their parents to find them. Weirdly enough, I felt like the RNC had transported me to another dimension too. A dimension where a scary sugar daddy type guy was going to make everything great again. His kids even said so! You have to believe kids right?
Eric and Andrew Trump & Friends Photo by
Especially when they are his advisers. These brave sons facing leopards and buffalo out in the wild. Well, you don't have to tell me about their courage under attack. Which makes them qualified to help their dad when it comes to making national security decisions, after all, they know what it's like to be in danger, when there's nothing but you and maybe five others to help out, but STILL it's YOU and a leopard, and it's not going to be the leopard that comes out on top. The son's of Trump aren't going to let leopards be great again. In a struggle against the wilds of nature, Trumps aren't going to get Trumped! It's the same in the wilds of Cleveland, where it was every politician for himself, I didn't see many women politicians, wait, were there any female politicians speaking? I wonder if they skipped it for "Stranger Things" and Chardonnay, but I digress.
I couldn't really watch much of Christie, he's scarier than that demon thing on "Stranger Things", with a bigger appetite. This is when it got almost as good as any scary movie when there's a witch that has to be dealt with. Like that movie, The Conjuring, witches are just plain scary and Christie must be pretty scared of Hillary's supernatural powers of evasion There was a lot of superstition and Ben Carson said the L word; Lucifer. That's scary alright. Next, I was wondering if someone was going to get out a Ouija board or call in an exorcist. Choices, choices. "Stranger Things" wasn't looking half as strange as what Cruz decided to do. He did not endorse Trump. Why? Because Trump hurt his "fee fee's" by saying mean things about his family. Once again,  the "L" word was trotted out by none other than, the retired to the Lake of Fire, John Boehner former Speaker of The House!
For me the highlight had to be my "Happy Day's" crush Scott Baio a/k/a Cha Chi, a/k/a 'The Boy Who Drank Too Much" It's okay Cha Chi, I would drink too much too with all that pressure! You can go here and play the fortune cookie game with Cha Chi's speech you just say "like my career" at the end of his sentences. For instance "Folks our country now, is in a very bad spot. Like my career"
 I was up to episode 7 of "Stranger Things" by the last night. I missed Ivanka promising me that her daddy would see to it I got paid as much as a man. I missed The Man With A Ferret On His Head tell me he was going to make Everything OK Again. I'd rather watch Winona Ryder deal with a monster on my iPad, than an Orange Man telling me stories about how great things were gonna be. Again.
Do yourself a favor, watch "Stranger Things" especially when it's time for the DNC and Hillary.                                                                                     


  1. Well, I live in and work in suburban Cleveland, but just watched the whole thing--well, actually maybe 5% of the whole thing--on TV. The convention might as well have been in Honolulu.

    Happy Days producer Garry Marshall died last week. Some on-line lag quipped that he had a stroke after finding out Chachi endorsed Trump. Yes, I know, bad taste, but...

    Happy Days

  2. We'll just leave the bad taste to the politicians, yes, I saw Garry Marshall had passed. I didn't know you lived in the Cleveland area. I am glad to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by!