Wednesday, July 6, 2016

That "Special Relationship"

Thirteen years ago, when the propaganda machine known as the Bush Administration was ginning up war, there were plenty of people who knew it was a pack of lies. I thought it was going to be another Vietnam, but what I didn't know is that it would be even worse. Today the UK's Chilcot Report came out and while Tony Blair has sorrow and regret, I am sure George W. Bush doesn't. In the US, no one is responsible and we can''t look back, so we don't. The consequences of this disaster has affected peoples lives in both large and small ways. Conflicts will continue if Hillary Clinton is elected, she'll keep this corrupt game going for Raytheon and Boeing. She voted to take us into that
war, she's not sorry either.
For me, the Iraq War started the complete breakdown of any justice in this country.
Tony Blair says that "the world is a safer and better place"? Really? Is Iraq part of the world? How about Syria? How about Belgium and France? This is the kind of talk psychopaths are known for. It's called cognitive dissonance. We all know, the world is not a safer or better place because of that war. Tony Blair acknowledged that there were no WMD's and that a "trust/truth issue "would linger.
Here we get to something that is actual truth, for many people, including me. We don't believe anything our government tells us, or the MSM. Here's some more truth; the pain and suffering of the soldiers who died, their families grief and anguish and the wounded, their lives changed forever. For what? For lies?
I wonder if the suicide rate for British soldiers is as awful as it is here in the US. Turns out it is.
                                                                      So much safer!
Here's where he says he has "no regrets," Tony Blair was just a tool for Bush/Cheney, they have a "special relationship" as special as a relationship you can have with liars. Which isn't very special, as a matter of fact. Liars are a dime a dozen. Why the hell the UK would want to have a "special relationship" with the US is beyond me. I'm guessing that's one of the reasons that Brexit vote went down the way it did.
When Tony Blair "expresses more sorrow, that you can possibly believe" He is telling you to believe it, because he doesn't. Until these war criminals go to the Hague these apologies are empty and meaningless. Tell you what Tony, when you donate all the profits you made from that war to the victims of that war, then, I might believe it.


  1. "In the US, no one is responsible"

    You just don't spend enough time reading the right wing blogs. Obama is responsible.

  2. "In the US, no one is responsible"

    You just don't spend enough time reading the right wing blogs. Obama is responsible.

    1. I don't have enough time to waste reading right wing drivel. We know who's responsible, the trouble is there's no accountability. The rumor is that the families are going to sue Blair for abuse of power or mismanagement. It should be murder