Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Corrupt House Of Clinton

Do you still think your vote counts? Is anyone wondering why or how Hillary Clinton is going to accept the nomination for the Democratic (LOL) Party as the presidential candidate? It's a joke. 
Last night I was chatting away about the Wikileaks and Guccifer 2.0 email dump.
Think back to that bizarre demonstration of weird that happened in Nevada I blogged about.
Makes you wonder where the orders came from to ignore the Bernie Sanders supporters, right?
What kind of travesty will happen tonight in my hometown of Philly? How can Hillary Clinton waltz up to to that podium with the knowledge that there was manipulation from the highest levels of the DNC?
Read these Wikileaks DNC emails about that convention;
This email blames Bernie Sanders and the Sanders delegates for the chaos of that day even though clearly, they shut the Sanders delegates down and didn't follow through on procedure.
Read here where Debby Wasserman Schultz actually talks about; ""The rules governing the Democratic Party delegate selection process have been in place for decades and the specific procedures for this cycle were agreed upon in 2014."
Rules for Bernie Sanders, but not for her. This woman rigged the primary and thanks to her, whatever you think of Trump, he's going to win. She destroyed what little good will some Sanders supporters had and were willing to hold their nose and vote for Clinton. 
What is even funnier is blaming "The Russians" for hacking the DNC emails. The reason for Schultz's resignation is eerily familiar, "failure to secure email servers
There is a promise from Julian Assange, that in two days he is going to release the 2nd part of the emails that will assure Hillary Clinton's arrest;
Seems like she will be poised to accept her ill gotten nomination, just as Assange releases more damning evidence of the corrupt House Of Clinton. 
Vote for Hillary, at least she's not as bad as Trump! Really?
Are we supposed to believe that Hillary didn't know anything about this? Where will Schultz go after this? To a lobby or to the corrupt money laundering Clinton Foundation? These leeches never leave D.C.
Just look at Debby's Facebook page; "Shout out to a fellow Democratic Party Chair today. I saw it firsthand when he handed the reins of our party over to me — working families have a champion in Tim Kaine."   Are we supposed to believe he's not full of crap? Seriously? He wasn't up to any dirty tricks before "she got the reins", ummm okay. This just reinforces my decision not to vote. It just doesn't matter, they will ram the candidates "they" choose down your throat, then you can "pick your poison." No thanks. How is it in a country as big as America we get these two pieces of garbage to vote for, Trump or Hillary? Whichever one is elected, the shadow government/ Military Industrial Complex, will sit them down and tell them how things are going to be. It's got nothing to do with the will of the people or voting.
 I think Debby Wasserman Schultz proved that.


  1. Good call, P!

    My take is that the MIC don't need to have a talk with either one. They all know the score.

    That's how they got so rich already.

    The voters though . . .

    Wonder when they'll figure it out?


  2. Seriously, I can't do the vote thing. No wonder most Americans don't. When I was writing this, I was in the head space that she was going to step down BEFORE the convention... Only to find out Wassup Wasserman is going to be the MC of the convention and go away to a lobby or the Clinton Foundation after it's OVER. Validating her and allowing her to continue on as if nothing ever happened. And so it goes as Vonnegut used to say...

  3. Hey Patricia (good afternoon) ... I certainly appreciate your honesty here as far as voting, I never did like Shultz or approved of her, and was only hoping that her day would come as I posted myself. I wonder how many Democrats or so called liberals will even cover this? ... and I expect blogs and YouTube try to sugar- coat what has happened ... yes, I actually laughed when they blamed the Russians, in fact it already got twisted away from the issue in media and is now a "Russia issue" ... um, um, um ... imagine that ... wonder if they can blame the Russians for coaching them to email what they did too? ... I wouldnt put it past these ingrates. Ingrates I say, because they should be grateful that Bernie kept his word and supports them after what they done, in fact, I feel in a way that if it WASNT for Bernie, Hillary or the Dem's wouldnt have a snowballs chance in Hell of doing any good in these elections ... but enough from me on that ... I havent done a posting yet on it, but will, just to analyze the reality. I have no doubt that the politics we see today will eventually destroy itself ... the new generations will discard that which is of no use to them ... all we have now is deadwood, period.

    As far as your question in the last comment I made on knowing Texas, Cheney money or whatever? ... you know, I know the game fairly well, when I knew how much shareholding Cheney had in Halliburton, I expected the bite and knew we were fixin to get screwed on the Iraq invasion contracting and the oil interests that were involved, long story, but I wrote plenty about it.

    You played music? ... if you dont mind, what instruments, vocals, or writing you done or do, genre, etc? Yep, that was my thing, I mostly done lead vocals, played some bliues harps, fife, backing vocals, etc ... mostly club venues and much cover work like early Van Halen and other rock groups, progressive blues, etc ... but have friends that do many different genres ... not active now, I have keyboards/ synthesizer at home I like to mess around on ... this last weekend I was at a friends home/ ranch in Fate Texas (not far from Dallas playing his Gibson/ Firebird guitar in his home studio ... no, I'm NOT a guitarist and have a couple songs I wrote, but like to mess around, my friend is active playing metal music. But it's kind of obvious on my blog that I'm a music junkie with my music/ arts section/ series.

    Anywayz Patricia ... thanx for the read here ... have a good un ....

    1. Yeah, Cheney and Haliburton, that evil bastard. I've blogged on that plenty too. Music, yep, Gibson SG and an Ibanez 12 string. I started out playing coffee houses when I was 14 and graduated to a band with my best friend in high school. I was one of the few chicks who could play back then and since there were two girls in the band it was Heart (natch) Pat Benatar, great voice, but never liked her music much wew covered everything from The Beatles to Led Zep. Bonnie Raitt (I am a huge fan) Linda Rondstadt and many more. I did write some originals. We got kinda big on the bar circuit and I could not deal with the stage fright. Anyway, I wanted to be an artist since I was 10. So I went to Art School and majored in metalsmithing (another thing not a lot of women do.) Now I mainly paint and draw. My first love. and there you have it. Lol I'll stop by and see what you are up to. Keep blogging!