Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Land Of Weird

Another week that makes no sense in the Land of Weird.
The ongoing political diversion between Trump and Hillary, more bread and circuses and the theme that is most evident, that you have to vote the lesser of "two evils", or Trump can't get near the "nuclear codes" the expectation is that you vote, not because you approve of a certain candidate but because you are more afraid of the other one.
Is it really 2016 and this is what it's come to? Your choice is the Orange Boogeyman or the corrupt
D.C. insider, making similar promises that we heard in 2008.
The Russians are coming! Let's see who's working with the Russians? First there's Trump, who's "relationship" with the Kremlin is "revealing itself by the day." Is it? Is it really? While Clinton Foundations relationship with Saudi Royals isn't suspicious at all. Then we have the leaked DNC emails that were blamed on Russians giving Wikileaks the emails. Read all about it here. Everyone's a tool for Russia. including the Green Party's Jill Stein, now I've heard it all.
There was a long anticipated decision coming out of the Drug Enforcement Agency about marijuana staying  illegal, a schedule 1 drug. Such a surprise, since legalisation would mean a lot less work for the DEA, so of course, a drug that has never killed anyone, is still as dangerous as heroin. What was interesting was President Obama's commuting 214 sentences for people jailed with harsh, sometimes even life in prison for drug convictions. I am sure this was planned to coincide, with the DEA's decision to continue to terrorize a dope smoking, sedated population, keeping prisons populated and courtrooms clogged. We're number 1! Not much hope or change there, I'm afraid.
I didn't watch much of the Olympics, the amount of poverty and disease outside of the Olympic "village" is another part of the toll the Olympics takes on the disenfranchised. I did read that four members if the U.S Olympic Swim team, were robbed at gunpoint, it doesn't surprise me, this third world Rio, where the have not's have very little. the Brazilian slums will be left to rot and it's people with it, while billions will be made by for-profit's and non-profits and broke athletes go home, hoping to parlay a career from their success or fade away. It's an Olympic fairy tale, we're still number one!
My favorite nugget of wisdom about the Olympics?
                                              Thanks Bill, for keeping things in perspective.

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  1. The principal stumbling block for decriminalization, or even smaller penalties relating to marijuana in particular, and drugs in general, is not the DEA. The real problem is the privatized prison lobby, with like Corrections Corporation of America,sand the GEO group which are making fortunes of taxpayers' money keeping prisoners locked up and lose a source of revenue. every time some petty marijuana dealer (or possessor) walks free. Ditto undocumented immigrants, who are often also incarcerated in privatized prison "warehouses."

    Privatization for most government functions is a lousy ida, and bloodsucking multi-million and even multi-billion incarceration corporations are the reason why.

    For a horrifying primer on this subject don't go to any liberal or leftist website. Go to the the heart of capitalism, International Business Times (and keep a strong drink handy; you may need it.) Start here:

    Yours very, very crankily,
    The New York Crank