Thursday, October 6, 2016

Kardashians and Clowns

Just Like the NSA
I can't be sure, but I think maybe people are catching up and catching on.
For a long time now, I have been blogging about a world at odds with itself. Mainly, my world in the United States.
I am trying to understand how we got to a place where clowns cause panic and Kim Kartrashian the icon of foolishness, is a clown people can't stop looking at.
 Kim Kartrashian gets robbed and it's a major headline. She plasters her selfies with millions of dollars in jewelry all over & shocker! She's robbed. It's front page news!
We have clowns, dangerous clowns, luring children God knows where, it's eerily familiar since we  had a serial killer in a clown costume, years ago. The mainstream media  is an epic fail reporting on trivia and abdicating their positions to investigate anything worth noticing because they have been bought and sold by corporations. So we get Kartrashians and clowns.
 Instead of Kartrashians and clowns, some people are taking a serious look at what's happening with the US election and how it devolved into the farce it is. There was an article in the Guardian (read here) that basically said what I have been saying for years. He writes that you can't rely on Hillary Clinton for fixing this country's problems, when President Obama has done nothing about the very things Hillary says she will fix. Furthermore, he takes away the tired old trope that Obama's got a belligerent congress-because he didn't at the start. He had a mandate from the American people to take us on a different course. What did we get? More of the same.
President Obama has done nothing to take on the bankers and is determined to ram the TPP deal down the throats of Americans. Then there's the truly awful Obamacare gift to the health insurance industry. We have a war of drones and a proxy war with Russia in Syria that looks to be getting weirder everyday. Why are we over there? What business is it of ours? Defense contractors.
 If President Obama has so much power and made so many promises, why didn't he follow through?
Politicians lie all the time and it's a given, what's weird is we take it for granted that they are liars and we still vote for these creatures. We act like there's some kind of choice. When you are presented with an entrenched politician like Hillary Clinton who is campaigning on some of the very things that Obama promised and never did and the other choice is a sexist blowhard, who's clearly unhinged. How is that a choice? It's like voting for Kim Kartrashian or a creepy psychopath clown.
The Pentagon paid a PR firm $540 million to produce propaganda for the Iraq War, that's just one instance we know about. Then we are nickeled and dimed over food stamps or Social Security we have paid into, but there's no problem spending money on endless war. We don't get a say in and we certainly don't vote for it.
Go ahead and keep voting. The clowns running for president get their marching orders from someone other than the American people. The Senate and Congress and corporations are in lockstep and voting won't change that. Michael Moore had an excellent explanation for the rise of Donald Trump. He said the American people want to use Donald Trump like a Molotov Cocktail and they are hoping he's going to blow up the government. But he won't. He won't be able too.
All we need is for the 100th monkey to figure out what's going on. If we can just get people to wake up and realize they are caught up in a system of propaganda, voting for hope and change, make America great again or we are stronger together with Hillary, is futile.
Wake up. People have to stop voting for some kind of messiah. Stop voting altogether. Stop being part of a system that is false. Why waste your energy? Driving from your stressful job, racing to take care of your family and pay your bills and you are supposed to find time to vote for liars? What if there's a hanging chad? What if your machine is rigged or hijacked by software? Seriously, hanging on to this civic duty of voting, while no politician feels any civic duty towards the people. I seriously can't believe how concerned people are about this election. Get real, be the 100th monkey and walk away. Then they will be out of a job and nothing they say or do will matter because no one will care. There will be no more Fox news or CIA/CNN, the war on "terror" will vanish, politicians are the actual terrorists, causing mayhem wherever they go.
No one we vote for is going to save us, we have to save ourselves.

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